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Flower Types and their Historic Meanings

Flower Types and their Historic Meanings

Lilies, Daffodils, Chrysanthemums, Lilacs, and of course, Roses - every flower has a special meaning and a special place in our hearts. Seasons change, flowers bloom and blossom, and the memories we make with them last a lifetime.
Rose - Love. Beauty. Romance. Passion. The classical and unquestionably eternal symbol for all. Each fiery petal can light the flames of passion in an instant, and each scent of it's rich and unique fragrance can bring back memories - even a smile to their lips.
The de-facto gift to that 'special someone' in your life. From vibrant shades of red to a more subtle pink, our roses are sure to make them smile.
Iris - The rainbow flower. Long symbolizing Wisdom and Knowledge, Faith and Hope, the Iris is a strikingly beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. Hundreds of colors and hues give this unique flower it's name. Much like its multi-colored variety, the iris is perfect for everything from gift-giving to cultivating new friendships and relationships.
The go-to gift of choice for any occasion, from office to home to get-well-soon bouquets, our irises come in a variety of hundreds of different colors making them a perfect addition to any flower arrangement.
Lilac - Denoting Innocence, the blooming of lilacs heralds the coming of spring. Their heady fragrance brings to mind freshness, and their presence a wonderful springtime air. After a light rain and breezy winds, lilacs will show their true splendor once the sun shines on them again. The traditional bride's flower, no wedding would be complete without our exquisite lilacs. Also a nice touch to celebrate anniversaries.
Tulip - Simple pleasures in life are what nourishes the tulip. A better expression of Joy and Happiness could not be found anywhere besides this simple yet elegant flower. Images of home baked apple pies and hummingbirds singing are sure to assail those near this expression of warmth and heart.
Our tulips are a thoughtful present, one that's sure to show your appreciation for the lovely ladies in your life. Be it on Mother's Day, or even with no special occasion - be sure to remind them you are thinking of them.
Chrysanthemum - With its splayed petals reaching outward, a chrysanthemum blossom looks nothing less than the splendor and elegance of the sun, buried close to its home in the earth. The Japanese have long since held this particular flower in high regard and use it in all manner of traditions. Due to the nature of it's appearance, the chrysanthemum represents Perfection and Longevity.
Our chrysanthemums can be used as tasteful decoration, both in the office and at home. You can easily liven up the workplace with this elegant decoration.
Hydrangea - Much like the chrysanthemum, the hydrangea has a heritage rooted in Japanese history. Known as the water shrub, this flower has been subject to much debate over its meaning and symbolism. The two aspects the hydrangea most agree on to represent are Gratitude and Sincerity.
A wonderful inclusion to every home garden, our hydrangeas are sure to make them come to life.
Daffodil - Few flowers can be said to bring Luck and Prosperity, but the daffodil lays claim to both. Also known as the Lent Lily, this flower's boisterous nature is said to bring out people's ambitions.
From a heart-felt congratulations to a happy birthday wish, daffodils are said to bring good fortune to those gifted them.
Orchid - A truly exotic and varied specimen, the orchid is a symbol of Elegance and Grace. Many different orchid types are present in the world today, each one providing a rich and colorful experience to behold.
These exotic flowers are a must-have in the living room and bedroom, and with our large selection of orchid designs they are guaranteed to go well with any decor type.
Lily - From ancient Roman traditions, the lily came to symbolize Faith and Birth. It's wonderful fragrance makes it a desirable part of perfume as well. When a baby is due, what better way to welcome them into the world than with our fine lilies? Expectant mothers will be sure to cherish this flower.
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