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High Park™ Bouquet


High Park™ Bouquet

EXCLUSIVE Trendy, youthful, and as refreshing as the first spring day. This fun-loving arrangement includes a lovely mix of roses,...

Buy the highest quality of roses in Toronto from a direct flower importer.

Floral arrangements featuring a wide variety of roses in striking hues. The rose is the classic perennial gift for any occasion and our Roses come shipped from premium farms in Quito, Ecuador. We are the only direct importer of roses to Toronto so you can count on cheap prices, fresh roses and the highest quality blooms. 

You can purchase roses in contemporary designs, garden-style arrangements, as hand-tied bouquets or in bulk. We offer corporate discounts on bulk purchases and we offer chain supply for roses. Flower Co is your best option for Toronto Rose Delivery.  

Roses have long been the go-to choice when sending freshly cut flowers to the home of a friend or loved one, and for just about every occasion, a bouquet of roses is an appropriate gift. Whether you are honouring someone’s birthday, a special milestone, saying “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” rose bouquets are a classic, time-honoured way to mark the day with a special floral touch. You can be sure that your feelings are adequately communicated when you send your sweetheart a rose bouquet and nothing says “I was wrong” better than red roses — they are flowers that speak the words we might be reluctant to express, and their deep meaning and significance cannot be understated.  

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up — a baby shower, wedding shower, graduation, or even a job promotion — you can rest assured that the choice to send red roses will be well-received and that the recipient will be delighted with your choice. If you are purchasing flowers for someone whose tastes are just a little bit off the beaten path, you can choose from a variety of different colours and styles of rose bouquets. The Flower Co. offers roses in just about every colour under the sun — including black roses, as well as blue roses, lavender roses, and the more traditional and natural choices of pink roses, white and of course red. You can be sure that no matter which colour you select, they will be impressed and delighted with your choice. The fragrant, soothing aroma of soft rose petals is always a welcome addition to anyone’s space, and you cannot go wrong with the fresh greenery and verdant leaves that accompany a beautiful bouquet. We offer the highest quality of roses in Toronto, so surprise and delight your friend, mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, or just about anyone who is in need of a special pick-me-up with a beautiful bouquet of roses!  

White roses have a special significance, and these delicate blooms have long been considered a classic choice to send in flower bouquets to memorial services or funerals as well as to the homes of the bereaved. A white rose signifies innocence and eternal love, and remind us of the delicacy of life and the fragile love we all share during our brief time on Earth together. When you choose to send a beautiful bouquet of stunning white roses, you are communicating with the family and friends of the departed that you are thinking of them in their time of grief and hardship. Flowers — especially roses — can tell a story that we can’t always articulate in words, and you can be certain that your gift of freshly cut flowers directly to their door is an excellent way to let them know you are thinking of them even if you cannot be there with them in person. Your wishes and emotions can be perfectly encapsulated within the delicate, soft petals of a white rose, pink rose, red rose, lavender rose, or a dazzling combination of all of these resplendent rose varieties.  

Whether you choose to send just half a dozen roses or a gigantic, fragrant bounty of roses in half a dozen different vibrant colours, you can be sure that you are expressing your true emotions and communicating your thoughts of care and love with each intricate petal and softly curved bloom. Verdant greens complement the stunning colours of the roses and put their delicate petals on display, making a glorious addition to any room and blending seamlessly into everyone’s decor.  

Roses aren’t just for special occasions. You can send flowers on any day, to just about any person — regardless of whether they are your special sweetheart or your grandmother. You can never go wrong when ordering fresh-cut flowers delivered to their door — sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most in life, and if you are interested in bringing a big smile to the face of someone who just might need a pick-me-up, roses are a great way to make sure they know you are thinking about them. The occasion might be small, like a relatives graduation from grade school, or it might be a big milestone, like a wedding, but no matter the reason, freshly cut flowers are always in style and are always a welcome addition to the festivities. Whether showing your solidarity or telling someone you are thinking about them after a long estrangement, your feelings and emotions are perfectly conveyed in the long stems, delicate blooms, and dazzling colours of roses, the storied, classic flower intended to warm hearts and communicate emotions without saying a single word.  

When sending flowers, especially for an important occasion, you want to ensure you are purchasing the most quality, vibrant, beautiful blooms possible to surprise and delight your friends and loved ones on their special day. That’s why we at The Flower Co. pride ourselves on working with the best growers and distributors to ensure that we select only the freshest, best-quality flowers, always arranged with loving care by our talented team of artisanal floral designers who are specially trained to create the most stunning bouquets and the most original, special arrangements. From simple to elaborate, and from cute to stunning, we know you will be impressed with the level of quality and attention to detail the floral design team at The Flower Co. incorporates into each and every bouquet they make.
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