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Browse a large selection of beautiful flower arrangements from the best Toronto Flower Company.

   Large selection of beautiful organic flowers and flower arrangements as well as same day flower delivery in Toronto and all of Southern Ontario.  

A flower is nature's most unique way of showing us their love. Flowers are considered one of the most beautiful creations by Mother Nature and they can add colour to a garden to make it richer and more attractive. They can also add class and sophistication to any surrounding blooms. There are approximately 400,000 types of flowers spread across the globe in different styles, colours, and textures. These can be further broken down into five primary types: tropical, garden, desert, marine, and forest flowers.

  Flowers are not only used as beautification, home decor, and for their therapeutic elements, but also as gifts. Even floral prints and designs always tend to charm and mesmerize the onlookers, proving that flowers have a style of their own backed with eternal beauty. Also, they are known for their fragrance. Almost every single flower has its own fragrance and due to this flowers are used as a base for perfumes, soaps, and hair products. Some of the most popular flower types are roses, lilies, orchids, peonies, hydrangeas, carnations, calla lily, alstroemeria and even lily of the valley that blooms in Ontario only for a brief period in May.

  A flower bouquet is a blend of flowers put together for decor, gifting, and added beautification to different attire as well bunch of flowers are created and presented for a variety of different occasions so you can say happy birthday with flowers or send flowers as anniversary gifts, or for weddings, Christmas, and many more.

  A flower bouquet is always a winner for all of your gifting and decor options. You can also get your flower bouquet customized with any blooms you wish. There are two main types of floral bouquets, a hand tied bouquet and vase flower arrangements.  

Flowers hold a very high significance when it comes to flora in any particular region. Every country has its national symbol for which it is known for. For example, the national symbol of Canada is the Maple leaf. And did you know that every province has its own provincial floral emblem? The floral emblem of South Ontario is the white trillium and it was adopted as the official emblem in 1937.

  Not all Toronto flowers and bouquets available with other local florists for flower delivery in Toronto are fresh and rich! Flower Co. guarantees a fresh flowers delivery Toronto and its surrounding areas shipped right from the lush green farms of Colombia, Ecuador, as well as local Canada flowers. We promise to give you the freshest and most attractive Toronto flowers containing vibrant colours for a sure-shot attraction so you can gift best friend with flowers. Flowers make the best birthday gift for wife, a birthday gif for mom, wedding anniversary gifts or a simple just because flowers to surprise your loved one!

  We are the sole point of contact, as we arrange everything from importing, designing, creating, and finally delivering your flowers to you. Here at Flower Co., we ensure that there are no issues with our services, which is why we can guarantee high-class service as well as competitive rates. Providing the best quality flowers in Toronto to you at the best prices with the best Toronto flower delivery is our key priority and something that we strive towards every single day.

  Flowers may lose their vitality quickly if not stored correctly, so we pride ourselves on the fact that we do everything in our power to ensure your flowers are as long-lasting as possible. From clinical techniques to processing flowers to deliveries in climate-controlled vehicles, we ensure that the flowers are as fresh and as beautiful when they arrive to you as to when they leave our farm. Sending flowers with our flower shop Toronto ensures that you receive flowers directly from the farm to your doorstep whilst offering the most radiant flowers possible to make you or your loved one’s day memorable, cheerful, and happy.

  We do not simply deal with Toronto flower delivery and your every-day floral bouquets and options, as we also take up flower decor projects, not only for weddings but for all different types of celebrations and occasions be it a private party, a birthday, a work function, or a formal event. We have a high degree of expertise in assembling flowers for these types of events, as well as working with different budgets to help you achieve your goals without compromising on quality. We can also provide a refrigeration facility for the flowers at the event. We provide you with the freshest and the most radiant blooms that you desire, at the best rates.

  Some of our best-selling flowers and floral options consist of roses and lilies. Some of our arrangements loved by Southern Ontario are: Arrive In Style, Isle Of White, High Park Bouquet, and assorted red rose bouquets amongst others. Also, we dye some of our roses to make the unique one-of-a-kind rainbow rose that possesses every single hue imaginable. Most of the bouquets we offer are available in three sizes: Standard, Fuller, and Premium, all of which are available at fair rates. You can even add some of your desired blooms to any of our bouquets to help provide a special and personal touch.

  We offer you floral arrangements with a variety of colourful flowers as well as single-flower bouquets consisting of a number of one flower type. The types of flowers we use in our bouquets include but are not limited to: roses, spray roses, Peruvian Lilies, calla lilies, hydrangea, asters, carnations, spray carnations, ranunculus, anemone, stock, and alstroemeria. These flowers are nestled beside lush greens and foliage such as Israeli ruscus, leather leaves, fern, babies breath, solidago, and eucalyptus. We then artfully place your flowers in different vases of distinct shapes, sizes, and materials, and in different styles ranging from new-age designs to traditional rustic patterns making sure your flowers look their best whatever the occasion may be. The bouquets we craft will always manage to suit any emotion you are wishing to convey.  

We deal with flowers of all colours and types, not just domestic varieties but exotic as well. We specialize in a wide range of bouquets for all occasions and seasons such as marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and prestigious holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. We are also experts in funeral flowers and seasonal flowers not only for decor and gifting but also as accessories and hand-held items. We also offer signature designer bouquets with the most popular designer flowers. All of our floral arrangements come with a complimentary greeting card that you customize with a personal card message. You can also send an assortment of goodies alongside the flowers, such as balloons, chocolates, and teddy bears, as well as larger, traditional greeting cards.

  We sell genuine flower adornments that are elegant and blooming such as corsages and boutonnieres as well as bridal bouquets! You can get all the bouquets and adornments customized with the flowers you would like, plus the greenery as well to ensure your special day is a memorable one. We service the majority of the areas across Southern Ontario in order to be accessible to all our customers alongside an online website where you can place your orders with custom specifications and guidelines to ensure you receive the bouquet you want at the time you want.

  Here are some of the freshest, most appealing blooms and flower arrangements you can consider to present to your loved ones or as centrepieces for your home.

  For the best flower arrangements in Toronto, you can place your order online, over the phone, or in-person by visiting our flower shop.
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