White Rose Corsage and Boutonniere - Flower Company – Flower Co.
A matching set of a white rose boutonniere and a corsage accented with rhinestones. The white rose corsage is available on the wristlet or as a pin on.  

Flower Company presents to you a special dual flower arrangement made for the most important day anyone can have!  

We know that weddings are a very special place day for the couple that is going to be married, which means that every detail has to be well-thought out, details in the decoration, clothing, music, etc. Flowers are of course an item that can never be missing on a wedding day, both in decoration and in attire. That is why are providing this exclusive piece made by our floral designers to ensure your special day is unforgettable! In addition to weddings, these pieces can also be a part of the outfits for proms! Usually, any couple going to prom requires matching floral pieces to accentuate their overall look and what better way to do it than with a white rose corsage and boutonniere.  

We have created a white corsage and boutonniere, two pieces that will be sure to match the couple's outfits and their overall look if you want to give the impression that you are unified on your special day which is what these matching floral pieces help provide. A beautiful, carefully chosen white rose, of the most pristine quality, direct from one of our farms in Latin America. A white rose placed on your wrist or lapel, that will capture the attention of all people and guests. A white-coloured rose symbolizes purity, loyalty, and grace, giving a stronger weight to any union and ceremony.  

A white corsage and boutonniere is an amazing gift to give a couple if you wish to bring cheer to their hearts and is one of the nicest ways for you to be more involved in their special event. As these types of arrangements bring a nice touch when wearing them for these events, what is a greater gift to give if you want to be a part of their special day? Give your loved ones a set of these arrangements and celebrate the day with them.  

4.5"h x 3"w Approximate size for Corsage.
3.5"h x 2"w Approximate size for Boutonniere.
-1 white spray rose corsage
-1 white rose boutonniere
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