White Rose Bouquet - Sympathy Arrangement - Flower Co.

White Rose Bouquet offers a rare beauty of simple elegance that will bring peace and comfort to your special recipient during their time of grief and loss. A bouquet of white roses arrives accented by lush greens gorgeously arranged in a clear glass vase to create a graceful way to display your most sincere sympathies.  

Beautiful pure white roses bouquet is always necessary and this one is a must-buy for us!  

We all know that the rose is the Queen of all flowers and receiving a bouquet of roses is the most desired for most people. Appreciated for its beauty and fragrance, the rose has been long admired throughout history by painters, poets, writers etc. You will find this type of flower in almost all flower gardens and it plays a key role in most floral bouquets.  

White roses are one of the most desired rose colours by flower lovers and decorators, as they are a perfect gift to give to that special person on days of celebration, such as birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries, or when sending in sympathy. White roses are a neutral colour tone and this means that they apply to all kinds of occasions. Even in formal occasions, such as weddings, you will be sure to find a white rose situated in some of the floral decors.  

If you are looking to win over someone's heart, looking to apologize, or if you are just wishing to remind someone that your love and feeling is pure and true, a white rose bouquet is the most adequate flower you can give. The colour white has always been related to purity, to the innocence inside each one of us, so if you were to give white roses to a loved one, you are essentially saying that you stronger, purer, and more loyal relationship with them.  

In addition, white-coloured roses will not interrupt the flow of any interior design and on the contrary, it will only brighten any room and space. Anyone who loves flowers is always looking for something to enhance the decoration of their home, something that is thoughtfully put together, well-groomed, and possessing modern details. For those, we can only recommend this bouquet of white flowers, as these will be sure to light up the home, while also bringing a touch of nature and a flower garden vibe inside of any space.  

Make your decision now to send this beautiful arrangement, as you will be sure to give someone a prolonged feeling of calm, relaxation, and peacefulness, that only this white rose bouquet can provide.  

Having flowers in the house brings a feeling of harmony into the environment, and even more so when the flowers are white since it then comes with a vibrant feeling of peace, tranquillity, and beauty.  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 12 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 15 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Premium Bouquet – Includes 18 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
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