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The Majestic Phalaenopsis Orchid is abundant in simple elegance and beauty, this orchid plant arrives seated in a river rock-lined vase and moss to grace your special recipient with happy wishes and endless grace.  

Have you ever wondered if there is a gift that is so unique and perfect that it not only meets all of your expectations but also those of the person receiving them? This white double spike orchid planter is one of them, as with its minimalist look in terms of shape, colour, and style, it makes it the perfect gift to send, as it adapts to any environment and living space. It possesses a very simple, unfussy look, but its simplicity does not take away its magnificent elegance and bearing.  

This gorgeous flowering plant is found in most parts of the world, although they are especially abundant in the tropics. The family of orchids is the national flower of many countries, such as Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, but they are also grown locally here in Ontario in greenhouses. They can adapt themselves to any climate, no matter how hot or dry, but you will find most of its humidity concentrated in its soil. There are some orchids that grow on the ground, some on trees, others on stones, and you can even find some of them growing in water.  

This stunning white double spike orchid is one of our most desired plants for decor and interior design so if you wish to spruce up your space, you must simply get one of these to see how it affects the ambience. Or if you know someone that is looking to decorate their home or office, you can send them this beautiful, trendy plant. It is sure to give off a fresh and natural vibe to any environment, almost as if you are in possession of a piece of Mother Earth. This delicate flowering plant will completely change the look and energy in room and we would recommend you set it by a window, away from direct sunlight, to really enhance its beauty and style.  

The white flower is a symbol of friendship and purity, which makes it an amazing gift for your loved ones. Send the message of good wishes to them! Make that person feel happy and cared for, you are one step away from that decision to bring a smile to anyone's face with this white double spiked orchid.
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