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Vintage Flowers Basket Arrangement™  by Flower Co brings warmth and is set to lighten your special recipient's day with each bloom. Handcrafted by our expert florists, this arrangement features white hydrangeas, pink roses, coral and white spray roses, astilbe, lisianthus as well as lush greens and comes beautifully presented in a one of kind vintage flowers basket.  

One of our exclusive items, the vintage flower basket is designed to make any living space look exceptional. How is this achieved you may ask? The vintage look is extremely wanted and desired at the moment, and this particular arrangement can help bring that look inside to your home.  

This is one of the most beautiful vintage flower arrangements and it inspires pure tranquillity and peace, as the pastel coloured vintage flowers will vibrate any room with a warm atmosphere and fragrant flower aroma.  

Sending flowers is considered to be one of the most sophisticated gestures of love and friendship. We regularly give them away without knowing their meaning but, unconsciously, the colours hold specific value when considering the meaning behind the gift. In terms of this vintage flower basket, it contains a multitude of colours which is what you should always consider when sending flowers. This floral basket includes the sweet pink roses and spray roses which represent pure and innocent emotions. It can also signify tenderness and love and it is the perfect colour to communicate to someone, "you are the most beautiful person I have ever met." it also includes orange coloured roses, which represent an intense vitality and fire, but also signify fortune and success. And finally, we come to the white hydrangeas, which is the colour of purity, but also communicates peace, simplicity, and transparency. All of these colours combined help give off a feeling of pure and eternal love.

This gorgeous splash of soft and tender colours is a floral piece we would all want to have in our houses. it works perfectly as decorative the beautiful design allows be placed anywhere still look so attractive. arrangement sure appreciated by any person do not hesitate sending someone or even getting for yourself. basket contains within itself powerful symbolic weight. you are make their day bring cheer that something can guarantee approximately x>
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