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Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something pink. That's right, in honour of the upcoming royal wedding behold this beautiful freshly cut vibrant pink peonies bouquet. The soon-to-be Mrs. is showering her wedding day with these gorgeous florals, known to embody romance, prosperity, and good fortune. Treat yourself or someone special to these luxurious and magnificent blooms.  

The Royal Touch Bouquet, as its name implies, has a monarchist quality about it, the peonies flowers it contains are considered by many to be the number one desired bloom in the world!  

Peony flowers, beautiful both inside and out, are a flower famous for being part of the most luxurious weddings and all brides want at least a peony bouquet on their special day, as these amazing flowers possess a poetic quality about them.  

The peony bloom is associated with love, happiness, and beauty, but let us be clear as we can all agree that this flower is exceptionally beautiful, completely gorgeous, super attractive, and stunning. It is simply impossible to not look at it when you cross its path. It is a flower to fall in love with, it is a flower you want to have, it is a flower to go out and buy, it is a flower we all desire from the deepest part of our souls. If you were to give someone a bouquet of peonies, it would be similar to giving someone a piece of heaven in their hands.  

If you have never seen one up close, we invite you to get it as soon as possible. This pink peony bouquet possesses many fine details. If you observe it closely, you can see that it contains more petals than a rose and they are full of them which makes them look amazingly full and beautiful. They are large and possess a great aroma, which is great because if you are a garden lover, it will feel like a piece of a garden has entered your home.  

There are about forty species recognized as peonies, both shrubby and perennial. They are native to North America, Europe, and Asia but are best known in France. These blooms are extremely desired all over the world and possess a large diversity of shades ranging from white, pink, and blush, to fuchsia and coral. The bloom also stands out for the size of its head as peonies are simply the Queen of flowers!  

If you want to impress your loved one with a gorgeous bloom, send the Royal Touch Bouquet, as these flowers will never disappoint, and bring with them a glance of style, uniqueness, and beauty. Aside from bringing cheer to the heart of the receiver, they will definitely show them how much love and care you have for them. This bouquet of flowers will put you at the highest level in terms of exquisite taste.  

Peonies can turn any place into a paradise of flowers; with their bright colours, it is sure to bring an atmosphere full of light, beauty, and class. This bloom can be settled anywhere, as the flower radiates elegance so it can become the finest piece of decoration in any environment. It will take any living space to a higher level, bringing with it nature, life, and style!  

Send this burst of pink peony flowers mixed with greenery and make the day of your loved one!  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 6 stems of Peonies
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 8 stems of Peonies
Premium Bouquet – Includes 10 stems of Peonies

Approx. 14"H x 11"W.

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