Sweet Pea's Flowers - Toronto Flower Co.
EXCLUSIVE Spread the joy with a delightful arrangement that is a lush combination of pink flowers including sweet peas (substituted with lisianthus when out of season), lilies, spray roses, mauve heather, and other seasonal pink flowers with foliage carefully put together to create this ravishing floral chef-d'oeuvre.  

If you want to spread tons of love by sending a flower arrangement, you can not go wrong with these sweet pea flowers. Flower Company wanted to create a different and unique bouquet where the colour pink would play the main role. Judging from the beauty and aura of it, a glance at a single bloom will make anyone go crazy for it!  

We would say this sweet pea bouquet is one of our favourites, and highly recommend it if you wish to surprise someone. The sweet pea flower says more than other flowers. This one says creativity at its highest level, with the floral combination between the queen's roses, spray roses, the empowered lilies, the imposing mauve heather and the soft green foliage; the result is a perfect mix that any person should definitely want to flourish their environment. A sweet peas bouquet like this one will provide so much style to any room. Sweet pea flowers are a unique and unusual flower, which makes them an excellent choice if your goal is to send out an extraordinary arrangement.  

Sweet pea is the short name for the Lathyrus odoratus. Sweet peas are a type of climber flower and can grow up to two meters in height. Its shape is also very unique as its petals resemble butterfly wings. Sweet pea flower comes with a sweet and nice aroma and this factor makes this arrangement unforgettable as smells can become memories that can transport people to a place of happiness and gratitude. Do not wait any longer, choose the sweet pea flower if you want to impress and be remembered. A floral bouquet like this is difficult to forget and the amazing aroma of the flowers will only help your cause.  

This stunning bloom will decorate any space as it is made to be eye-catching and splendid. Its size and mix will sparkle any atmosphere with a lot of style and elegance. Any of these flowers possess the character to take the place and own it. A masterpiece like this will make any room look better, with its style and class!  

This bouquet will make anyone smile and cheer, as its beauty cannot go unnoticed. Choose to send it now, and make someone become so happy and grateful. Send this bloom now as this gorgeous flower is not available during the whole year, as they normally only grow during the spring and summer. Do not lose the opportunity to send these seasonal blooms, take the chance and captivate your loved one!  

You are only a moment away from making someone's day and moving them to be filled with surprise and happiness.
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