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This sunlit bouquet has captured the essence of our country’s endless beauty. This bouquet features eye-catching sunflowers surrounded by clusters of yellow yarrow, the vintage charm of Queen Anne’s Lace, and baby blue eucalyptus. Send a sweet surprise filled with hometown warmth.  

It’s difficult to adequately capture the pure joy and lighthearted glee of a carefree summer day, but the Summer Breeze Bouquet comes close. With dazzling yellow sunflowers and spectacularly bright yellow, accented by the light, bright and delicate lacy petals of Queen Anne’s Lace, these summer breeze flowers are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who looks upon them. This sweet bouquet brightens up any room in which it is placed and brings a little extra something to your dining-room table.   

The fresh scent of eucalyptus adds to the crisp, bright feel of this lovely flower arrangement, calling to mind special times spent wandering fields of flowers under the summer sun. You’ll feel good about having this fresh bouquet of dazzling blooms hand-delivered to your sweetheart, best friend, or just about anyone to whom you’d like to say “I’m thinking about you.” The Summer Breeze Bouquet is perfect as a host or hostess gift when visiting friends or family members, and will add a little bit of summer goodness to anyone’s home. Blending seamlessly with anyone’s decor scheme, these sunny summer breeze flowers add a little funky pizzazz to your space.   

As a “thank you” gift or as a simple pick-me-up for someone who might be ill, the Summer Breeze Bouquet is a unique and delightful way to send your well-wishes to that special someone, whether that’s a friend or your number-one sweetheart. The country-fresh goodness of fresh flowers are always a welcome addition to any celebration, gathering, get-together, or party, and you’ll be the star of the show when you appear with this gorgeous bouquet of dazzling sunny flowers. Share in the spirit of the season with this sweet flower arrangement.   

Flowers can be an excellent way in which to communicate the feelings we experience in life, and they are often used to help celebrate a special occasion as well as to mark a sorrowful event. A simple bouquet of sunny summer flowers is a way for you to send a universally loved gift and tell the people in your life that you care about them. Step outside the typical gift-giving box and share your love with the thoughtful gift of flowers in a reusable glass vase, which will imprint your kind gesture upon their heart and call your face to mind each time they fill it with water and fresh flowers.   

Approximately 14″H x 12″W

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