Soft Sophistication™ Arrangement - Rose, Peonies and Orchid Bouquet. – Flower Co.
Soft Sophistication™ Arrangement is a presentation of cultivated taste and unmatched elegance. Pale pink roses, variegated pink double lisianthus, pink veronica, pale pink peonies, purple phalaenopsis orchids, Bells of Ireland, green hydrangea, viburnum stems and curly willow branches are artfully arranged in a 16-inch footed glass vase to create an amazing display of grace and beauty.  

This unique and detailed soft sophistication arrangement is the ideal way to speak directly to the heart of your loved one. Whether they have just moved into a new home and you’d like to share your good wishes, or it’s a special milestone birthday and you would like to let them know you are thinking about them, the soft sophistication arrangement lends a festive feel to the day and is sure to spark joy in any lucky recipient. With its wide variety of unique, unexpected blooms and interesting colour scheme, this festive flower arrangement is sure to draw every eye and elicit warm compliments. This eye-catching centrepiece makes a statement without saying a single word. 

  The orchids and hydrangea blooms steal the show, and you’ll be impressed with the attention to detail and design in the soft sophistication arrangement. This is an arrangement that wants to be noticed, and it’s an unforgettable way to show your sentiments on a special day or to send your best wishes from afar if you cannot be there in person. If you’ve got a graduate in your life or someone who has recently secured an important job promotion, this memorable flower arrangement lets them know you are proud of their accomplishments. Looking to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Your spouse will be speechless when they lay eyes on the soft sophistication arrangement, a picture of serene elegance and dazzling beauty. Let them know just how much you care when you have this stunning flower arrangement hand-delivered to their door and watch the delighted smile spread across their face. 

  Flowers can say with their quiet dignity and delicate beauty the words we may be too tongue-tied to express ourselves. When you take the time to have a beautiful bouquet or fabulous arrangement delivered, you are expressing your love, dedication, and deep feelings of commitment. A statement work of floral art such as the soft sophistication arrangement is an amazing way in which to demonstrate your deep devotion without uttering a single word, but conveying all the hard-to-express emotions you struggle to say. Flower arrangements are a classic way in which to communicate these emotions, and the gift of beautiful blooms is a traditional, time-honoured way to show them that you really care. You can take part in this glorious tradition by selecting this impressive flower arrangement to celebrate the next special occasion or milestone in your life. 
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