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This whimsical little friend is the perfect accompaniment to the cheer of the holiday season, a great addition to your special family holiday traditions. Choose among eight different varieties of this fun and friendly small elf, including Boy Elf, Wizard Elf, Musketeer Elf, Gleeman Elf, Leprechaun Elf, Angel Elf, Old Man Winter Elf, and Thespian Elf, all delightful and funny friends you will have a great time with this season.  

The small elf is dressed and decorated with cute and quirky costumes, sparkling and shining with holiday spirit and just a little bit of mischief. The Angel Elf is a lovely addition to your Christmas tree, or you could also use these fun friends to decorate your holiday space. Kids will love the game of “Elf on the Shelf” in which parents move the small elf to a new location each day, and children delight in finding out just what their small elf friend has been up to overnight.  

Send an elf to a parent or grandparent who might possibly need a bit of extra holiday cheer, or collect them all and add some extra fanciful whimsy to your holiday season this year. These elves look great perched on the fireplace mantle, scattered throughout the house as a fun Christmas hide-and-seek game, or arranged around the tree, sitting on wrapped presents for a cosy holiday theme. Your holiday greeting card will look extra special this Christmas season when you pose each of your family members holding one of these small elven friends, adding just enough wonder and whimsy to make the season magical.  

Kids and grown-ups alike will delight in the fun and fanciful colours and costumes on these cute elves, which make great gifts and can be hand-delivered to the home of any friend or loved one, and also make amazing keepsake ornaments to be enjoyed again and again. Each year you and your family will look forward to the fun tradition of unboxing the small elves and watching faces light up with wonder and delight as you remember all of the fun times you enjoyed with your family, hiding the elves and decorating the Christmas tree.  

Begin a new tradition this year when you purchase one of these elf friends for your home or have the whole set delivered to a friend or relative to bring a bit of wonder and sparkle to their festive holiday season.  

Boy Elf is approximately 12″H.
Wizard Elf is approximately 16″H.
Musketeer Elf is approximately 15″H.
Gleeman Elf is approximately 19″H.
Leprechaun Elf is approximately 20″H.
Angel Elf is approximately 16″H.
OId Man Winter Elf is approximately 18″H.
Thespian Elf is approximately 17″H.
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