Serene Blessings™ Tribute - Sympathy Arrangement - Flower Co.
Serene Blessings Tribute is an arrangement that reflects all of the respect, love and compassion you want to express during this difficult time. Sometimes, finding the words to show how much a loved one will be missed can be very hard. This tribute of white and cream flowers, features roses, lilies, asters, snapdragons, carnations and lush greens is expertly designed and crafted by our florists to express your most heartfelt condolences.  

This gorgeous arrangement, resplendent with verdant green trimmings and glowing with serenity, reflects the love and appreciation you have for the departed and is a regal tribute to their everlasting memory. You’ll take solace in the pale, diaphanous lilies and creamy carnations, artfully arranged by our artisanal professional floral artists with love and care. The Serene Blessings Tribute is truly a special flower arrangement meant to provide a fitting memorial for the life and legacy of your friend or loved one. Send this stunning flower arrangement to the funeral home to honour the departed’s memory and provide grace and comfort to the bereaved.  

Flowers are a classic way to memorialize the deceased, and the Serene Blessings Tribute is a traditional flower arrangement with a modern flair. The verdant greenery perfectly complements the lush, pale flowers, and provides a glorious centrepiece at the funeral home during memorial services. The Serene Blessings Tribute reminds everyone gathered to remember the life of the departed person of the glory of nature while emanating a serenity that is sure to touch the heart of all in attendance. The delicate petals of the carnations, snapdragons, roses and lilies provide an intricate backdrop to a ceremony of remembrance sure to bring grace and comfort to the friends and family of the deceased.  

In times of grief and strife, it can be difficult to express the deep emotions we feel, especially while gathered to celebrate the life of the departed at a funeral or memorial service. Flowers are a time-honoured tradition and a way to represent the sorrow and grief felt by the friends and family of the departed person. Decorating the memorial space with beautiful blooms helps us find grace and calm in times of tumult, and the Serene Blessings Tribute is a lovely way to adorn the room with beautiful blooms and the sweet perfume of freshly cut flowers.  

The gentle tones of white and cream in this memorial arrangement are perfectly complemented by the creamy white of the keepsake vase, which can be used again and again to display fresh flowers and also to remember the life and legacy of the deceased. You’ll recall their smile each time you gaze upon the vase and remember the good times you shared together during the living years. Make their final memorial special with this dazzling memorial flower arrangement designed with love and care to appropriately send off your loved one.
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