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They possess every beat of your heart. Offer them our finest 24-inch premium lavender roses to create that unforgettable moment. Perfectly situated in a superior clear glass cylindrical vase, this extravagant rose bouquet becomes a remarkable symbol of your endless love.   The verdant green of the gorgeous glass vase perfectly offsets and complements the soft lavender of these resplendent roses, artfully arranged for optimal beauty. Emanating a soft glow and a wonderful fragrance, this luxury rose bouquet is sure to surprise and delight any recipient, be it that special someone on their birthday or wedding anniversary, an expectant parent, or just about anyone for any occasion — the gift of fresh flowers, like this resplendent luxury rose bouquet, is always in style and always welcome.   If you’ve got a special person who might need a bit of cheering up, you can’t go wrong with sending a beautiful bouquet of stunning roses to their door, be it their home or office.

Roses are a traditional and classic way to show one’s emotions, whether those are emotions of happiness and celebration or grief and sorrow. Luxury rose bouquets are traditionally sent on occasions like Valentine’s Day or the birthday of your sweetheart, but these gorgeous rose arrangements can also be hand-delivered on the occasion of a baby or wedding shower, graduation, a promotion at work, or for holidays like Mother’s Day. If you have a person in your life who needs some cheering up, what could be better than luxury rose bouquets to turn their frown upside down? You’ll feel good about bringing a little bit of sunshine to their day and they will always remember your sweet gesture of goodwill when they gaze upon the beautiful lavender blooms included in this sweet arrangement.  

It’s important to mark life’s milestones with celebratory flowers — this has been a tradition throughout the ages, and you can be a part of continuing that tradition when you purchase beautiful long-stemmed roses to have delivered to your friend or loved one. The perfect gift no matter what the occasion, these luminous blooms help make every gathering just a little bit more festive and ensure that the recipient will feel special and loved. Lavender roses are just a little bit off the beaten path and reflect your creativity and attention to detail in selecting a flower arrangement that they will truly enjoy and appreciate. Make someone’s day just a little bit sweeter with a gorgeous luxury rose bouquet and watch their face light up as they open their door to these sensational freshly cut flowers.  

Includes: 48 stems of 24-inch premium long-stemmed lavender roses, exotic foliage and a superior clear glass cylindrical vase.  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 48 rose stems measuring approximately 32″H x 26″W.
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 51 rose stems measuring approximately 32″H x 26″W.
Premium Bouquet – Includes 54 rose stems measuring approximately 32″H x 26″W.
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