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Rainbow’s Discovery Peruvian Lily Bouquet Top- Vase of Assorted Alstroemerias - Peruvian Lilies

Picked fresh from the farm to lift your special recipient’s spirit with its wide spectrum of dazzling hues, The Rainbow’s Discovery Peruvian Lily Bouquet will make the perfect bridge between the two of you as you show them how much you care. Hand-gathered in select floral farms and blossoming with a wide array of rainbow-inspired colours, including dark red, pale pink, pink, yellow, and orange, this unforgettable flower arrangement was picked fresh for you to send to your friends and family as a get well, thank you, or thinking of you gift. This bouquet includes the following: Lavender, Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Red Super Select Alstroemeria.  

There are few flower arrangements more cheerful than a bouquet of alstroemerias, and this Peruvian lilies bouquet is no exception. This rainbow lilies bouquet has been artfully designed by the floral artisans at The Flower Co. to delight and impress. It’s sure to fill the heart of those who receive it with love and joy. This flower arrangement is different from the run-of-the-mill bouquets you commonly see — this rainbow lilies bouquet is truly awe-inspiring. If you are looking to bring cheer to the heart of your special someone on their birthday, or just about any other special occasion, look no further. The lovely combination of colours in this Peruvian lily bouquet gives it a fun, funky vibe of congratulations and celebration. Honour your friends and loved ones for their job promotion, graduation, or a special Mother’s Day.  
The Peruvian lilies bouquet is a magical way to send tidings of joy and good cheer. The alstroemeria, commonly known as the Peruvian lily, grows in South America, originating in the Andes Mountains. Situated in a crystal-clear glass vase, this bouquet is versatile and sophisticated, blending seamlessly into any decor. This ethereal, colourful flower blooms between late spring and early summer. This beautiful bouquet of lilies has a fresh and natural summer vibe — a stunning floral arrangement to bring a light, refreshing atmosphere to any room. The intricate shape of lilies lends them a delicate feel that has mesmerized flower lovers for centuries. A lush bouquet of lilies is the perfect gift to celebrate the life of a special friend whom you wish to surprise on their special day.  

Flowers have long been used to communicate those feelings that we have trouble expressing in words, and sometimes it can be easier to let a person know what you’re feeling by sending a bouquet of fresh flowers to their door to let them know your true emotions. This luscious bouquet of lilies in all the colours of the rainbow is the perfect way to tell them you care without saying a word. Let the blooms do the talking as they enjoy the fresh, vibrant colours and sweet blooms of Peruvian lilies in their home, bringing with them fond thoughts of you and your generous nature.  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 20 stems (approximately 80 Blooms) of Peruvian Lilies
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 24 stems (approximately 100 Blooms) of Peruvian Lilies
Premium Bouquet – Includes 28 stems (approximately 120 Blooms) of Peruvian Lilies
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