Rainbow Bouquet™ - Flower Co. - Tropical Flower Arrangement
Rainbow Bouquet Top
Rainbow Bouquet™ by Flower Co. is ushering in warmth and light with its stunning mixture of exotic blooms. This luxury flower bouquet is a true piece of floral art. Arranged within a clear cylinder vase and featuring miniature bananas, red ginger flowers and tropical designer’s foliage, this unique arrangement is meant to impress!  

Flowers make a real impact in the decor of any room or office, and if you’re interested in making a real statement with flowers, look no further — add this amazing, colourful rainbow bouquet — festooned with mini bananas and exotic red ginger — to your home and get that tropical feeling every time you enter the room. These rainbow flowers are a fabulous addition to your dining room, bedroom, bathroom or entryway, and a fantastic way to add a little spice and cheeriness in the cold, dark days of the winter months. It can be a little disheartening to return home to a dreary atmosphere, but this rainbow bouquet will brighten up any space and transport you toa cheerful, tropical island with its bright blooms and unique, intricate details.  

The vibrant greenery and interesting details of this rainbow bouquet add to its intrigue, and the rainbow flowers are beautiful to look at and provide a spectacular focal point for any room. The artisanal professional floral designers at The Flower Co. have created a bouquet of rainbow flowers that add a lush, natural vibe to your home. Rainbow flowers are perfect to send to a friend who could use a pick-me-up or to someone new to the neighbourhood as a cool housewarming gift.  

Situated in a crystal-clear glass vase, these exotic blooms and lush, verdant green leaves will brighten the day of any recipient, be it someone celebrating a birthday, your sweetheart on the anniversary of your wedding, a favourite teacher, or a coworker. A rainbow flower bouquet is a perfect way to say “thank you” and also makes a special day even better for just about any occasion. No birthday is complete without flowers, and this arrangement is an offbeat and funky way to send your wishes of congratulations and good tidings to the birthday person.  

Boost the positive energy and good vibrations of your home with this special, funky bouquet of exotic blooms. This is the perfect flower arrangement to create a hip and interesting environment that will turn heads and start conversations. Place these bright blooms in a very visible place in your home or office to attract compliments and brighten up any drab atmosphere. The eye-catching contrast of red flowers and green tones of the lush leaves is a beautiful combination, drawing the eye and adding interest to the decor of any home or office.  
Rainbow Bouquet Front
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