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Past & Present Succulent Garden Top

Looking to try the modern farmhouse trend? A handmade wooden trough made with reclaimed wood means you get a one–of–kind succulent garden. The assorted succulents come in an array of colors so this gift will get even better as it grows.


 It is time for Flower Co. to present one of our favourite pieces from our garden display: this beautiful succulent garden!  

We are sure are already familiar with lots of flower types and plants, so we are sure you have heard about succulents! This amazing plant is one of the trendiest pieces nowadays! We all want to have one and introduce it to our home to enhance our interior design. But this is not just one succulent plant, but many arranged together in one of the classy succulent gardens. So if you are a succulent lover you will need one of these for your living space which can light up your living room, dining room, bedroom, or garden.  

Succulents are an extraordinary shaped plant that is particularly easy on the eyes; Mother Earth has done very fine work with this one! Succulent plants are extremely beautiful partly due to their fleshy body; this is because of their capacity to store water. They also have a short flowering period and their skin is very hard, which you can notice upon the first touch. And to protect themselves from predators, succulents have tiny thorns around their blooms.  

This plant works perfectly within our homes, and they have an excellent adaptation for growing in pots, containers, or any other place you put them in. You can place them on your patio, terrace, or balcony, which will work best as this way they will reach a lot of natural light to help with growth.  

The irrigation of this beautiful plant must be careful and well measured; in winter, they will not require much water. Be careful with these beauties during the summer and spring, watering them with little water, because if you exceed the water usage you can make them sick and cause botrytis and grow fungi which in the future will cause root rot.  

Start a new trend by buying one of these for yourself, or by sending one to one of your loved ones. Succulent gardens are quite popular right now, so you will not go wrong by choosing one of these garden pieces for a gift. On the contrary, you will only be sure to make someone’s day!  

  • Includes assorted succulent varieties
  • Approximately 12"L x 4"W x 3"H
  • Reclaimed wooden trough included (colour/size may vary)
  • Top dressed with natural moss
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