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When you are looking for an outstanding, yet appropriate expression of sympathy at a wake or funeral, this colourful mixed flower bouquet makes an exquisite choice. Handcrafted by our artisan florist this vibrant purple and pink arrangement combines mini calla lilies, spider chrysanthemums, roses, stock, bupleurum, pompons and hydrangeas with a cascade of lush greenery that creates the illusion of “weeping”. It is set in a generously scaled plastic urn that has the look of white ceramic and makes an impressive and memorable way to deliver your condolences and manifest your sadness at a wake, funeral service or at the graveside.   The Love Eternal Arrangement is an ideal choice for commemorating the memory of your friend or loved one at their memorial service. This striking and eye-catching flower arrangement sends a message of honour and love, holding the deceased’s legacy in high regard and promoting a feeling of lasting love and good memories.    Flowers play a big role in funeral services, and flowers are one of the most traditional and classic ways to show respect and condolences to the person who has departed as well as those paying their respects. The Love Eternal flowers arrangement is one way to express those deep emotions you may be experiencing and share with your loved ones the grief you feel. Flowers are a special part of the celebration of life for the departed, and the Love Eternal Arrangement is one way to help celebrate their memory.    Flowers also serve as a resource to comfort the closest family members of the deceased. By sending the Love Eternal flowers arrangement you will become part of the ceremony, showing deep respect and bringing an offering of tranquillity, peace and honour to the friends and loved ones gathered to remember that special person.   Roses and flowers with beautiful pink tones like the ones you’ll find featured in the Love Eternal Arrangement serve to express gratitude, affection, and love — an eternal love and devotion to the deceased person. The mixture of different flowers, which blend together a lovely constellation of textures and colours, includes blooms of all different shades and sizes, making a truly exquisite feast for the eyes. The fragrant petals emit a lovely, light aroma, which will transport you to a summer garden, evoking feelings of calm and peace.    Flowers are often used to commemorate life’s most important times, and this is true even in death; just as we celebrate life’s milestones with sumptuous blooms, we say goodbye to our loved ones by surrounding ourselves with luscious flowers. The Love Eternal Arrangement is the perfect way to show your admiration and care for the person who is no longer with us. This Love Eternal flowers arrangement shows a sincere affection and a personal appreciation, in addition to deep honesty. If you were a friend of the deceased, these flowers are a perfect way to be part of the memorial.    This beautiful, fragrant flower arrangement is a splendid tribute to the glorious memory of your friend or loved one. With bright shades of pale pink and regal purple, set off and complemented by different tones of green, this eye-catching arrangement would provide a regal presence at any memorial service or funeral. The keepsake white vase can be used again and again and will provide the recipient with a lovely memory of kindness and remembrance that will continue to touch their hearts throughout the years. Be a part of remembering the departed by sending this lovely arrangement for display at the memorial service or to the homes of friends and family as a loving tribute.    Approximately 22’H x 31″W.
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