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Picked fresh from the farm, the Orange Rose Bouquet is a gift of luxury like none other. Hand gathered at select floral farms, exquisite 60 cm premium long-stem roses showcase an eye-catching orange hue to create a sunlit bouquet picked fresh for you to help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or to express your most heartfelt thanks and gratitude.  

We want to present to you our fabulous bouquet of orange roses, a unique and rare colour of roses. The orange colour is associated with the sun and fire, so the meaning of these orange-coloured roses is close to power and greatness. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find that the orange colour results from a mix of yellow and red, so this bouquet of orange roses also represents passion, love, fortune, and success.  

It is also the most popular colour during Halloween and these roses are in the most demand during that time. But this orange roses bouquet also works on any other occasion. If you are thinking about an arrangement for a birthday, these orange roses will work perfectly as the tone is super fun and will make anyone’s day, while its intense colours will lighten anyone’s mood. If you are thinking of sending them as a surprise for someone who has just received a job promotion, the meaning of the arrangement will perfectly adhere to this occasion, because as we previously mentioned, the orange colour also represents success.  

In terms of decoration, you might think that orange roses will look out of place because it is a rare colour, but no need to worry, as flowers will always fit in any space. These gorgeous roses with its orange colour give off an autumn vibe, and will definitely match with any wooden furniture in your space. It will be sure to brighten any room, any table, and even any garden. But we do not want you to think that this bouquet of orange roses will only work during the fall season but it also radiates spring and summer, so it is perfect for any season and occasion!  

Many people believe that for a rose to be orange, it has to be tinted, but we are disputing this myth, these orange-coloured roses are all-natural which makes them that much more unique and valuable.  

If you want to brighten your special one's day, go for this item! 

A beautiful and extremely powerful arrangement that also symbolizes friendship and support for the best wishes from one person to another. So make the easy choice now as these roses have been known to flatter friends, colleagues, and family and this amazing flower colour will be sure to do the job!  

Apart from being extremely stunning and difficult to take your eyes away from, let this orange roses bouquet fill the receiver with energy and vitality. You are one decision away from making someone’s day and to change the entire atmosphere of its environment!  

Express your gratitude to someone by sending our beautiful fire-toned roses combined with delicate greens that speak of vitality and freshness.  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 12 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 15 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Premium Bouquet – Includes 18 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.

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