Morning Stars™ Arrangement - Rose, carnation and Lily Bouquet – Flower Co.
Morning Stars™ Arrangement is a brilliant expression of peace and soft serenity. White roses, carnations, gladiolus, stock, and Oriental lilies are accented with the bright green stems of Bells of Ireland and a gorgeous assortment of lush greens, while seated in a white designer plastic urn to create a beautiful way to honour the life of the deceased.  

This carnation and lily bouquet is truly a breathtaking display of beauty and splendour designed to honour the life and memory of that special person. If you are looking for elegance and sophistication, this is a flower arrangement that fits the bill. This carnation and lily bouquet is just what you need in order to show your most sincere condolences to those people who need it the most. You can honour that special person who is no longer here with the Morning Stars Arrangement, a stunning and incredibly beautiful memorial arrangement sure to evoke feelings of peace and serenity in all who take it in. This beautiful flower arrangement vibrates serenity and eternity in all its splendour.  

A carnation and lily bouquet is an exceptional flower arrangement for the occasion or memorializing that person in your life who you miss so much. These are moments that require great effort and commitment, and sending a beautiful arrangement to commemorate the life and times of that departed person is a special way to honour their memory. At The Flower Co., our flower arrangements are designed with love and care so that you can be assured that you are choosing a carnation and lily bouquet that is truly worthy of a lovely memorial service.  

When the artisanal professional floral designers at The Flower Co. were creating the Morning Stars Arrangement, the goal was to craft an arrangement that said "eternity and peace" and sparkled with grace and beauty in any space. The Morning Stars Arrangement truly evokes feelings of the eternity of the night sky and the feelings we experience when we gaze upwards toward the heavens, envisioning the circle of life and the special memories of our loved ones in happier times. The beauty and luminosity of this special arrangement are sure to be a fitting tribute to the memory of your loved one and provide solace to those they have left behind.   

The luminous Morning Stars Arrangement features ethereal white flowers that remind us of the calm, pale mornings of summers past and bring out peaceful feelings of calm serenity. White flowers are a sweet detail that helps us pay respects and condolences to the friends and family who have lost a loved one. White blooms express feelings of condolences, tranquillity, peace, and respect. Send your wishes to calm and serenity with this lovely arrangement of understated white blooms. 
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