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Purple Hydrangea and Purple Mokara Orchids
Here’s a delightful surprise we’ve dreamed up just for you. Our expert florists gathered lavender mokara orchids & purple hydrangeas flower with lush greenery and twigs creating a striking arrangement. It’s all designed inside our violet purple vase to capture its rich beauty, along with the thoughtfulness of your sentiment.  

Imagine simply having just two flowers playing key roles in one arrangement. Have you noticed that most floral arrangements are put together with different varieties of flowers, usually more than three different species? This is why we decided to put together something a little different, as we introduce to you our masterpiece, the Mokara & Hydrangeas arrangement.   An absolutely beautiful flower piece, this bouquet was carefully thought up by our floral creatives, as we wanted to have a product that contains a perfect mix between two flowers. In this case, our decision was easy, hydrangeas flower and mokara flower. The hydrangea flower with its abundant leaf shrub is one of our biggest blooms, it is gorgeous, and smells like a garden so it will not go unnoticed. And the mokara flower with its delicate touch brings style and a unique quality to the entire arrangement. The intense lavender colour in both blooms gives us the result we were looking for, a stunning flower arrangement that is easy to look at, where minimalism is key, with the minimal number of flowers and foliage required to create a breathtaking bouquet.  

In this spectacular bouquet, you can see a perfect and pure contrast between purple and green. The vase also has its part in this creation, as we wanted to give you an elegant bloom encased in a divine container which incredibly results in a fine piece of art.  

This bloom can be the protagonist in any space, on any table, and in any room. Keep in mind that we consider this an incredible piece of art, so we recommend you place it somewhere with not too many decorations or objects surrounding it, which will allow this bloom to become the true focal point of your space and avert all wandering eyes to it. Also, you can place it somewhere where some natural light can fall on it from above which will be sure to give the arrangement a trendy and artsy touch.  

These are perfect flowers to give someone super stylish and fashionable, if you want to surprise someone with these qualities then go for these flowers! Neither one of you will be disappointed.
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