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Luxury White Roses


This wonderfully intricate display, rich in detail, shows the natural beauty of each flower just perfectly. The pristine white orchids sit perfectly amongst the softer tones of these stunning large headed roses. It is a very romantic arrangement, full of grace and timeless elegance. Arrangement contains an impressive selection of exquisite white dendrobium orchids and large headed white roses, all expertly arranged in a sundae vase for maximum impact when your gift is delivered.  

The most gorgeous and luxurious arrangement is one click away to make the day of your loved one's wonderful! We are totally in love and in awe with this orchid and rose bouquet as it is extremely delicate and poetic. These flowers communicate the language of these fine blooms!  

We invite you to send one of these luxury rose arrangements if you are looking to impress and hit it out of the park! With an arrangement like this, the receiver will be speechless as the flowers say it all. It is completely elegant and amazingly detailed, each flower being perfectly placed to create the ultimate arrangement.  

If you are full of pure intentions when sending flowers, send a floral bloom like this, as these white flowers symbolize grace, innocence, and enchantment. As you know, white flowers are the favourite at weddings, due to their strong meaning of loyalty and purity. Aside from what the white coloured flower represents, the designing of these blooms is impossible not to look at, as these flowers radiate so much style and taste but an arrangement like this is not just limited to weddings. These luxury white roses are appropriate for various occasions such as anniversaries, job promotions, or just if you simply want to remind your special one about your care and commitment to them. These are the flowers for you! An exquisite arrangement like this is difficult to find, as the soft white orchids give the arrangement the final touch to really show off its elegance.  

If you are into decor or are interested in interior designing you would immediately recognize that these blooms will bring light to any room and value to any space because the luxurious vase that it has will give an invaluable touch to any area. This arrangement transpires tranquillity and calmness and makes any environment a pleasant place to be in as you share some time with someone special.  

According to colour theory, the colour white is an inviting hue and engages people in warm environments, is quite pleasant to look at and is overall quite pleasing to the eye. In addition, the white tone is quite neutral which allows it to flourish in any environment and it bodes well for facilitating any living space and matching all types of interior decoration.  

Make your decision easy and send this graceful and dazzling bouquet and make someone feel special and cared for. Enliven the hands and hearts that will receive these gorgeous flowers. You will be sure to make their day by sending them one of our favourite blooms.  

Let this bouquet make them think of you as they look at it and appreciate its beauty. Just made with love!
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