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Lindt Swiss Luxury Collection

The Lindt Swiss Luxury Collection is a sophisticated and elegantly designed collection of European-style pralines, created using premium Lindt milk, dark and white chocolate. Assortment includes Macchiato, Coeur al’Orange, Dragon Noir, Caramelita, Perle De Cacao, Carre de Stracciatella, Almond Croquante, and Pointe de Chocolat.

Delicious chocolate is always in style as a decadent, thoughtful gift. This Lindt collection is no exception — it includes a luscious collection of sumptuous chocolates in various flavours every chocolate lover will delight in. This Lindt collection is sure to please every taste, with delicious treats in flavours from caramel to almond and everything in between. Since 1845, Lindt's expert chocolatiers behind the Lindt collection have been creating delectable chocolate treats, and you can experience that tradition and share it with your friends and loved ones with this luscious chocolate collection.   

The Lindt chocolates in the Lindt Swiss luxury collection begin with cocoa beans, which are hand-picked in the best chocolate regions around the world. The creators of the Lindt Swiss collection have developed a special process to roast the cocoa beans in order to achieve the most delicious and best quality flavour of chocolate. You’ll taste the quality in every sumptuous bite of the Lindt swiss collection. Every chocolate lover will delight in the tasty goodness of these luxurious, delicious treats.  

The Lindt Luxury Collection is the perfect gift for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and just about anyone else who enjoys a delicious pick-me-up for their self-care. Taking time to relax and enjoy the special moments of life is important, and pampering yourself or a loved one with the Lindt Luxury Collection is a wonderful way to take a time out in your day and enjoy something on the sweeter side. Imagine sitting down in a cosy spot in your home and turning off all those distracting notifications as you enjoy a few moments to yourself and reflect upon all the blessings you enjoy in life as you savour the delicious aromas and flavours of delectable, exquisite chocolate. 

  This collection includes something for everyone, and sending this special treat as a holiday gift or a random present for no reason at all is sure to surprise and delight any recipient. Take a minute to choose your favourite and let everyone pick out their own as you sample different textures, flavours, and chocolate types. Got a nut lover in your family? They’ll go “nuts” for this mixture!   

This chocolate box is perfect as a decadent dessert during the holiday season or as a special way to say “I care about you” to that hard-to-shop-for person on your gift list this year. These delectable cocoa delicacies make a delightful hostess gift for when you attend a holiday party, or to bring and share at the office as a sweet treat on Friday. No one can resist a delicious chocolate morsel, and you’ll be the star of the office party — or just about any get-together — when you present this dazzling chocolate treat, perfect for sharing and enjoying together no matter what the occasion. Chocolates are a versatile, universally loved sweet treat that you can be sure will be a hit no matter where you bring them or who receives them. There’s something for everyone in this scrumptious array. 
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