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The holidays are without a doubt the most anticipated time of year for many people — especially kids! There’s nothing quite as magical as opening the box of holiday decorations and savouring moments with family as you decorate your Christmas tree, hang stockings on the mantelpiece, string dazzling garland around the stair railing, and best of all, put up a whimsical Christmastime large elf to help enhance everyone’s holiday spirit and bring some cheer to everyone who visits. This unique keepsake decoration is a lovely addition to everyone’s holiday decoration collection.   

This unique, ornamental large elf is a cute and fun piece of decor that’s perfect for any home. Choose from the Soldier, hockey, Jester, or Jongleur large elf varieties — or collect them all! Make this Christmas season just a little bit more magical and tune into the childlike wonder that we all feel during this special time of year with these joyful large elves. You could place this holiday friend in the place in your house where everyone passes — be it a hallway table, the library, or the living room, bringing a smile and a giggle each time you see its funny face. This large elf helps spread the spirit of the season by bringing out the kid in all of us with its magical sense of wonder and enchantment.  

These cute elves would make great gifts for all of the special people on your holiday gift list this year. You could hide a large elf somewhere in the room and wait for those delighted exclamations of surprise and joy as the kids discover it hiding in the shadows, or place it on a bough of the Christmas tree for added holiday fun. Don’t be afraid to use your Christmas creativity and find a new place to position the elf each day — kids and grownups alike will delight in the whimsical, playful air of the elf as it warms your holiday memories each year.   

You’ll create lasting holiday traditions that will bring special memories to the whole family as you anticipate setting up your elf and finding new and interesting places to display your holiday elf in your home. It’s a magical part of the holiday season that everyone looks forward to all year long.   

Jester Elf is approximately 42″H.
Soldier Boy Elf is approximately 30″H.
Hockey Elf is approximately  24″H.
Jongleur Elf is approximately  32″H.
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