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Our stunning red Ranunculus with purple Limonium makes for a fun bouquet that is guaranteed to win anyone over. Plus, our flowers ship directly from eco-friendly, sustainable farms to your recipient’s door.  

Red is a powerful colour that allows you to send a message of love — but not in a typical way with plain old red roses. The red Ranunculus bouquet is truly one-of-a-kind, with vibrant red petals and in an intricate, eye-catching display of dazzling beauty. The Ladybug Bouquet is a feast for the senses, with red Ranunculus blending with the deep purple hues of sea lavender, also known as Limonium, in a lovely, bright display of colour and texture perfect for sharing with the special people in your life or to decorate your own space.  

The red Ranunculus bouquet is a special combination of beauty, style and big pops of colour. It’ll stand out on any office desk and prompt colleagues to complement the unusual shapes and colour combinations, bringing cheer to the whole office. The variation of hues and the pattern of the ladybug flower arrangement calls to mind the spots on a ladybug — a fun, playful twist on the typical flower bouquet. A red Ranunculus bouquet is the ideal choice for a birthday bouquet, a special anniversary, a cheerful pick-me-up for your mom or sister, or just about any occasion on which you’d like to brighten someone’s day with fresh flowers and bring a smile to their face. This ladybug flower arrangement is the perfect whimsical treat for anyone who appreciates bright colours and isn’t afraid to make a statement.  

If you’re interested in winning the heart of that special someone, the ladybug bouquet is perfect for you. This is a flower arrangement different from the others — especially if you want to send a message of love and passion. It’s a step above the typical bouquet of red roses and shows that person you have some creativity and you aren’t afraid to show your true emotions loud and clear. Be creative, daring, and take a risk with this eye-popping display of your love and affection in flower form. Ranunculus are exotic flowers that you won't see every day.  

This bouquet of beautiful, intense red Ranunculus blooms conveys your feelings of love and carries a message of passion. Bursting with beauty and style, these fragrant, vibrant blooms tell that special person that you love them without uttering a word. This flower arrangement is ideal for a forward-thinking trendsetter on the vanguard of style.  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 16 stems
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 20 stems
Premium Bouquet – Includes 24 stems  

Please note that ranunculus is a smaller bloom that takes time to open. For a more full flower arrangement, we recommend Fuller or Premium.
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