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Red Roses


A classic symbol of romance, this gorgeous rose bouquet is set to sweep your special someone off of their feet with each hand-picked bloom. Canada Flowers, gorgeous red roses exude pure passion and elegance arranged perfectly within a classic keepsake red glass vase accented with lush greens to add to the vibrant beauty of this unforgettable Valentine’s Day bouquet. The perfect way to shower your sweetheart with love and sweet affection in honour of this most romantic holiday!  

Can something be more romantic than giving a red rose bouquet to your loved one? Well, red roses signify more than just a special romantic gift for someone, these roses contain so much to give and share. So if you want to make someone fall crazily in love with you, keep reading and we will tell you why you need to send these red blooms!   If you have the desire to make your feelings known to your special someone, you should know that the red colour tone found here, and especially when it comes to roses, is reserved for love. So if you are looking to send a strong message to your crush or that person that drives you crazy, this gift specifically made for love and romance is for you.  

If you send someone red roses bouquet, it means not only that you inspire love, but also an intense desire and passion. Giving someone roses with a red colour and it sends a clear and specific message; this arrangement has its own language, and it cannot be distorted. So if you are planning to say I love you; I want you; I need you; all without saying one word, you can achieve this with this arrangement.   On the other hand, we all want to brag if someone really cared enough to send us flowers, and even more so if they are red roses! If you were to enter someone's home and see an arrangement like this, you would only think to yourself, "wow, someone out there really loves this person!" Is this not what we all want? It is completely natural to receive a red roses bouquet and instantly go on to social media to tell the world, "somebody loves me!"  

The quantity of roses also has a special meaning; here we have 12 stems of roses which represents how much you love and care for that person. It also means that you want to fill them with your love; this is only the beginning and as you open your heart to them, with a bouquet of twelve red blooms you are saying I want you to be mine.  

This arrangement is the most desired and coveted by lovers on Valentine's Day; tons of these red bouquets with 12 stems are sent to celebrate the day of lovers!  

You won't go wrong with this classic choice! We present to you these gorgeous 12 stems of the "love tone" roses, and to only increase those passionate feelings, it also comes with a beautiful red vase to intensify the feelings and give some style to the whole arrangement. We picked and mixed the blooms with lush greens to give it a natural vibe to this gift.  

What an amazing and stunning arrangement for someone you really want to show your love and interest to someone! Send it today and let their heart start beating quicker of excitement and love.  

Approximately 24″H x 21″W.
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