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The In Living Color Bromeliad Garden is a sophisticated way to add a pop of colour to a favourite room, making it a great gift for any of life’s special moments! Three bromeliads are brought together to create an incredible display with their lush green leaves each culminating in a bright and conical center that can range in colour from orange, fuchsia, or red. Presented in a perfectly posh black metal container to contrast the intensity of colour coming from each plant, this bromeliad garden is set to create a treasured housewarming, thank you, or thinking of you gift.  

If you are passionate about floral design trends and you also like to keep your home trendy, the bromeliad garden is the perfect choice for your home or office. The bromeliad garden is a different arrangement from all the others — it’s a reflection of the sweet colours and scents of nature, blending shades of green and red in a luscious combination. Place it in a highly visible place in your home, because an arrangement this beautiful should not be hidden away. It’s a lovely addition to anyone’s office, meeting room, living room, or teacher’s desk — a stately, original gift ready to bring a smile to the face of just about any recipient.   

The contrast between green and red in the In Living Color Bromeliad Garden will make any space or atmosphere shine with it with the most natural and beautiful light of nature. It’s a little bit quirky and a little bit of the beaten path, but will bring a delighted smile to everyone’s face. Nothing says wild better than this authentic bouquet! You can use it as a festive decoration —  it is perfect to fill those empty spaces in your home and bring life to any lackluster corner. It should go in a place that is bright and gets plenty of sunlight, but try not to place it directly in the sun. As a decorative tip, if your spaces are white, this beautiful and striking arrangement will contrast with a pale environment. This arrangement is an eye-catcher without a doubt.  

The In Living Color Bromeliad Garden is very versatile and will accommodate and fit into anyone’s decor. It brings a touch of nature and the wild side to even the most tame environment. You can be sure that you’re sending the most interesting and unique gift with this piece, which comes with a stylish, attractive and reusable pot. They’ll think of you each time they pass by this lovely tribute to friendship and good tidings. There’s no way anyone could forget the sender of this extraordinary gift — it’s a noticeable, can’t-miss addition to anyone’s home. If you need to say “thank you” for a favor or just want to send warm greetings, you can’t go wrong with this stunning statement piece, sure to elicit warm feelings of gratitude from any recipient. It’s a versatile, thoughtful gift that is sure to stand out. 
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