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In Full Bloom Peony Bouquet
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Peony Bouquet


Picked fresh from the farm to offer your special recipient a bouquet featuring show-stopping colour, exquisite texture, and sophisticated beauty, the In Full Bloom Peony Bouquet offers happiness with each flourishing flower. Hand gathered in select floral farms and boasting brilliant colours. This fresh flower arrangement has been picked fresh for you to help celebrate a birthday, express your thanks and gratitude, or extend your congratulations wishes.  

What are the flowers that people love the most? Well, here we have the most desired flower in contemporary times: peonies. What gorgeous flowers to have, both inside and out! We all want a bouquet of peonies, as these flowers are just spectacular, and have become quite popular for celebratory occasions and particularly weddings. It is to be expected that all new brides wish to have full bloom peonies on their special day!  

This bouquet of peonies is specially made for you to have the best option to surprise someone on their birthday! This colourful bouquet comes with shades of pink, red, burgundy, and white blooms and all told it makes a perfect combination in bringing a fresh and summery vibe to the receiver. These flowers are very popular and very much in demand this time of year, however, they are only grown and cultivated for a limited time during the spring and summer months. In addition, their blooms are quite large and open up quite rapidly so act quickly in choosing this arrangement before they are no longer available!  

Let us go a little deeper with the history of peonies. They are native to China and originally began to acquire prominence during the Sui dynasty. This was due to the fact that the imperial palace was surrounded with peonies, and in turn, came to represent wealth and honour. Chinese people came to really appreciate this flower as it has now become its national flower. In addition to this, there is a city in China named Luoyang, which has a festival every year to celebrate peonies and during this time you can find peony gardens with over 100 varieties of these gorgeous flowers. These flowers hold a high value to their prominence and unique qualities all over the world, and this means in Canada too we import thousands of these gorgeous blooms every year!  

Do not delay in ordering a beautiful peonies bouquet now as they will not last long. If you choose to go with this peony bouquet we are confident that you will not regret it. This bouquet is sure to provide your loved ones with a smile, lots of love, and a feeling of happiness that can not be matched! If you want to surprise someone with the most beautiful and attractive flower that they have ever seen, please take our advice and order this breathtaking peonies bouquet!  

Standard Bouquet – Includes 8 stems of Assorted Peonies
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 10 stems of Assorted Peonies
Premium Bouquet – Includes 12 stems of Assorted Peonies
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