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Hyacinth Trio

The Hyacinth Trio Plant ushers in the beauty and grace of the spring months ahead with brilliant colour and unforgettable fragrance! A simply stunning hyacinth plant displays columns of perfectly purple blooms amongst lush green foliage to create an incredible springtime display. Presented in a clear glass cube, this gorgeous blooming plant will make an excellent Easter, Mother’s Day, or thank you gift.  

This hyacinth plant is reserved only for those with exquisite and splendid tastes. This beautiful flowering plant is unique in its shape, colours, and texture. Apart from bringing with it an intoxicating aroma of spring flowers, with this piece you are sure to bring the atmosphere of a floating garden to your home. Coming in either purple, pink, or white, it is a fantastic plant to send as a gift and if you keep reading you will see why.  

Considered a masterpiece for decorative purposes, this item is extremely desired by interior designers. The hyacinth plant is sure to catch everyone's eye and will attract all passersby with its stunning beauty and will surprise everyone by its unique aroma. This plant has it all: an interesting shape, delicate texture, enticing aroma, and elegant style. If you want to send your special someone a gift that is sure to stand out from the rest, this hyacinth trio is a terrific choice.  

To send someone a hyacinth is a clear message of solidarity and support for the recipient. It is like sending a message that can turn anything from negative into a positive, it is a regenerative plant. If you are looking to send something that can have a potential trans-formative quality to the life of your loved one, there is no better choice than this flowering plant. Many times we may overlook the ability to give someone a plant, as we can not correctly value the power these gifts can have to those who receive it. With this plant, however, you are sending them a little piece of nature that they are sure to treasure.  

Decide once and for all with this stunning arrangement, that is a beautiful piece for decoration, that is not only good for the home but also for the soul. It will look great in a living or dining room and we would recommend placing it in a visible place so that it can be admired and appreciated by all.  

There is no need to think about it any longer, get yours today and send more than love and support with this beautiful flowering plant.

Standard Bouquet – Includes 3 Hyacinth Plants
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 4 Hyacinth Plants
Premium Bouquet – Includes 5 Hyacinth Plants

Plant measures 6.5-inches in diameter.
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