Hot Tropic™ - Birds of Paradise, Heliconias and Ginger Bouquet – Flower Co.
Give someone special their own little piece of paradise with Hot Tropic and send the feeling of an escape. Heat things up with our brilliant bouquet of these tropical beauties including birds of paradise, heliconias, ginger flower and exotic foliage. The result is a gift that’s lasting and unique.  

If you are looking for something different and out of the ordinary, this heliconias and ginger bouquet surpasses expectations. If you are a fan of tropical flowers and plants, this hot tropic arrangement is the one for you.  

These hot tropic flowers are one part of one of our most exotic and wildflower arrangements. This bouquet includes imported and exclusive blooms from the South American nation of Ecuador of their highest quality. This exciting hot tropic arrangement is without a doubt a heliconias and ginger bouquet that emanates a fun tropical vibe, complete with exotic scents, and is a vision that will take your breath away. These blooms are impossible not to look at. This flower arrangement is sure to delight and surprise anyone who receives it.  

The hot tropic bouquet brings a unique and fascinating atmosphere to just about any room and offers a conversation-starting centerpiece to any table. Lush oranges, bright reds, and succulent greens sing in this heliconias and ginger bouquet, a stunner and a great choice for any flower lover. The hot tropic bouquet will bring a smile to anyone’s lips and generate a lot of compliments with its bright splendor.   

These hot tropic flowers —  with their vibrant tones and exotic air — create a perfect contrast between the sunniness of the large, angular petals and the dark green of the leaves. The orange colour in the flowers is a colour with a lot of symbolism — having orange-toned flowers in your space brings an air of warmth and hominess. The bright red of the ginger blooms emanates energy and inspires all who look upon it.   

This arrangement is the perfect choice as a gift for a person who considers themselves a little bit on the wild side. It’s a bit unexpected and a little unusual, just the thing for someone who likes their decor a bit on the exotic side. Bright and inviting, these blooms help spice up a dull atmosphere and create an interesting centrepiece for a dining room, living room, or even a bathroom. Looking to liven up your office lobby or waiting room? This flower arrangement is sure to add a smile to the faces of your clients or patients. It’s a cheerful flower arrangement that sparks joy and invites exclamations of appreciation and wonder.  

Is your child’s teacher in need of a floral pick-me-up? This vivacious bouquet would look lovely perched on a teacher’s desk, and is sure to inspire the students to admire it and maybe even learn more about exotic blooms. The crystal-clear glass vase is an elegant vessel for these vibrant petals, providing a lovely and reusable container for the exotic blooms and future flower arrangements as well. The vase, understated and demure, let the flowers stand out and really shine, allowing their vibrant colours permeate even the grayest of rooms with their fragrant splendour. Let yourself be swept away to the tropics as you gaze upon the intricate, wild resplendence of this natural beauty. 
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