High Park™ Bouquet - Rose, Ranunculus and Ginestra Arrangement – Flower Co.
EXCLUSIVE Trendy, youthful, and as refreshing as the first spring day. This fun-loving arrangement includes a lovely mix of roses, ranunculus, ginestra and hypericum berries tucked tenderly inside of a bubble bowl vase. With an organic look of twigs on the inside and outside of the vase, this floral design is inspired by nature.  

Looking for an arrangement that is striking, unique, and interesting to the eye? The Flower Co. has the ideal floral design for you! The High Park Bouquet is sure to bring vitality and joy to every room in which it is displayed. The high park flowers are designed with care and intention to enchant! In this combination, you’ll notice a lovely variety of rich tones and colours, intricate shapes and textures, and a touch of whimsy. The High Park Bouquet is a real treat and a special surprise sure to brighten anyone’s day.  

The High Park Bouquet is a beautiful and unique floral arrangement that’s difficult to forget — its interesting appearance gives it a natural look, with brown twigs swirled in an intricate pattern inside and outside the clear-glass vase in which it sits. In this stunning bouquet, you can find a luscious mix of roses, Ranunculus, hypericum and ginestra, blended together to artfully create a very creative arrangement. The special combination of high park flowers makes this cute bouquet a perfect gift for a birthday! This beautiful bouquet is specially designed so that it cannot go unnoticed —  its strong tones and high quality are sure to leave a lasting memory.  

Design and creativity prevail in the High Park Bouquet. Send these high park flowers for the perfect addition to any celebration! A wedding anniversary, a job promotion, graduation, baby shower, wedding shower, or any type of celebration is the perfect occasion. After all, nothing says happiness and cheer more than this resplendent and dazzling flower arrangement. There is a wonderful blend of sumptuous colours in this bouquet — delicate pinks and pale citrus colours adorn this arrangement, complemented by tiny hypericum berries and interesting ginestra flowers. This unusual and eye-catching bouquet, sitting atop its natural nest of twigs, is sure to add a festive and vibrant pop of colour to any room to which it’s added.   

This arrangement isn’t just any floral arrangement — it’s a work of art. Each petal has been thoughtfully arranged and planned to complement the others, and the colours stand out on their own and in combination with each other in a beautiful array of delicate and natural splendour. Understated and strong at the same time, you can’t go wrong sending a floral arrangement of this level of elegance, beauty, and design. This arrangement is a show-stopper and a lovely centrepiece.   
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