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Let this exquisite composition of beautiful white blossoms deliver your sympathy and comfort loved ones grieving a loss. The elegance of this arrangement and its warm, homey basket base makes it an appropriate addition to any wake, funeral or graveside service, or to send to the home of family or friends. Handcrafted by our artisan florist of individually selected white roses, stock, cushion pompons and larkspur set among complementary greens for a memorable bouquet that evokes a tranquil sense of heavenly hope.  

The Heartfelt Condolences Arrangement is an elegant and resplendent floral masterpiece that will provide comfort and calm to those who might be grieving following the loss of a friend or loved one. We know that moment as difficult as these require extra care, attention, and love on our part. That is why The Flower Co. has created The Heartfelt Condolences Arrangement, a splendid floral bouquet in a crisp wicker basket that will inspire and comfort those who have recently lost someone.   

A flower for condolences, the white rose is truly a timeless choice, suitable for any memorial service or as a gift to the bereaved. This is a flower arrangement that truly demonstrates your heartfelt condolences; it is sure to shine and bring peace and tranquillity to all who gaze upon it.  

This beautiful and exquisite arrangement has a combination of beautiful white flowers of different species, shapes, sizes and textures. All this creates an arrangement to show your heartfelt condolences. This bouquet, which is unique in its form, will bring light to these moments of darkness. Our professional, artisanal floral designers have created this lovely arrangement featuring the white rose, a traditional flower for condolences, precisely so that through the sharing of blooms, we can help you bring a little hope, love, and company in these moments, which are difficult for everyone.   

Flowers for a memorial service are an important part of providing heartfelt condolences to those who attend. White blooms are a traditional, classic choice for services that are meant to provide comfort to those mourning a loss. Flowers are a way to show respect and special attention to the relatives and friends of the deceased, as well as carry through them honour and tribute to this special person who is gone. This bouquet is also an excellent choice for a sign of respect and sympathy to send to the family or friends of the departed, easing their grief and providing a lovely tribute to the person who has passed away.   

Flowers are a wonderful way to express the deep emotions that we feel when we experience a loss. Sometimes it can be difficult to transmit those feelings to others who are sharing in our grief, and as a symbol of the Earth’s great bounty and a reminder of the beauty of nature, fragrant blooms are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of the person who is no longer with us.   

White flowers are particularly comforting, bringing to mind the freshness and purity of the springtime and reminding us of days gone by in which we spent long sunny days outside in nature with the people who matter most to us in life. Artfully arranged with exquisite attention to detail, these blooms are of the purest and most beautiful white, signifying harmony, tranquillity and an atmosphere of love. The white colour of flowers for memorial services and in these situations signifies and symbolizes pure love, innocence, fidelity, and a symbol of future good luck.

The Standard size is approximately 19"H x 18"W.

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