Heartfelt Blessings™ Standing Spray - Sympathy Arrangement – Flower Co.
Heartfelt Blessing Standing Spray by Flower Co. is a comforting symbol of your heartfelt compassion and support. Featuring calla lilies, garden roses, blushing bride protea flowers, hydrangeas as well as carnations and snapdragons and designed with lush greens this arrangement is sure to convey your deepest condolences.   Do you want to comfort the hearts of special people who are going through a difficult time? Heartfelt blessings are beautiful flowers that will bring that comfort and closeness in these difficult moments. Facing the death of a loved one, or accompanying someone who has recently lost a relative in grief, is never easy to cope with. Death is the most unknown part of life, and each culture and each country interprets and approaches it in a different way, but the grieving process is something that everyone has to face at some time in their lives. One way to say goodbye to the deceased is to hold a memorial service, and one of the most characteristic details of these is the presence of flowers.   We know that flowers take on a very important role for memorial services. They are a symbol of comfort, closeness, love, care, hope, and peace. Flowers also honour the life of the person who is no longer there. The Heartfelt Blessings Standing Spray is a flower arrangement that our professional floral designers created with much love — an arrangement to show your heartfelt blessings to the friends and family of the person who has passed on. These blooms are meant to bring a little comfort and closeness to all the participants of the memorial service. The standing spray creates a fitting tribute to the life of the departed and makes a lovely focal point for a memorial service. Intended to provide calming comfort and inspire serenity for all visitors to the memorial service, these standing spray flowers are a lovely, traditional voice.    The Heartfelt Blessings Standing Spray is composed of white flowers, among which you’ll find glorious calla lilies, garden roses, and hydrangeas. White flowers are a classic choice for memorial services. These flowers have deep meaning — they represent hope, purity and the promise of heaven. They are a symbol of comfort and condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.   In the heartfelt blessings arrangement, each flower and each variety sends a different message. White hydrangeas are a symbol of eternity, and hydrangeas are a traditional and classic choice for a memorial service. White roses are also a perfect choice for a memorial service. White roses at a funeral represent true and eternal love. Bring a message of respect and love, condolences and hope with this standing spray. 
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