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Guzmania Plant A red Guzmania plant will bring a lot of attention to your special recipient home or office with its sophisticated look. This tropical plant comes in a brown container that’s beautifully decorated with fresh green moss making it a beautiful accent piece to any space!

This elegant, exotic-looking plant evokes a tropical feeling of warmth and lush colours. The guzmania flower will add a special look to just about any decor, and you can place it in any room of your home. Because guzmania flowers require a higher level of humidity, it might be a good choice to place it in the bathroom. The guzmania plant does not require a lot of light, so positioning the guzmania plant in a place with low light is ideal. The lush blooms will brighten up any room and are a real attention-grabbing and eye-catching conversation starter.

You’ll be transported to the wild jungles of South America when you gaze at the lush greenery and the vibrant blooms of the guzmania flower. The bright red colour is sure to delight and amaze any recipient — delight a new neighbor with a special housewarming present, or send this guzmania plant to your favorite friend to help add a little spring to their step and a smile to their face. The guzmania flowers are lovely as gifts to bring to your next party, or as a “just because” surprise present to someone who might need an added pep in their step. Have guzmania plants sent to your mom or dad, sister or brother, or your favorite uncle or aunt as a birthday surprise. Or, you could treat yourself, and have one of these special tropical plants delivered to your home or office — it’s a special way for you to practice self-care!

Don’t be afraid of this plant — guzmania plants are very easy to care for. They require low light and a regular room temperature to thrive. Just place your plant indoors and be sure to keep its leaves and soil moist to ensure proper plant health. Houseplants have become very popular in the last few years, and everyone is using plants as a way to decorate their home and office. The guzmania is an offbeat, interesting choice to spice things up and provide some accent colours to the typical green variety of houseplants. Spice up your houseplant game and add a bit of intrigue to the room with the guzmania.

If you’d like to tell someone you’re thinking of them without ever saying a word, sending a beautiful houseplant is a great way to show them you care. It can be difficult at times to express in words the feelings we experience inside, and it can be easier to have a beautiful plant delivered to their door. The gift of a living plant will express in its beauty and verdant vitality the emotions you cannot find the words to communicate to that special person, or to the person to whom you need to apologize or make amends. It’s important to mend fences when feelings are damaged, and giving the gift of greenery is truly a classic way to achieve this goal.

This plant is also a winner when it comes to office decor. Perfect as a brightly coloured contrast to the drab grays and beige colours you might find in many office buildings. Place it on your desk for a constant reminder of the beauty of nature that you can look upon throughout the day to lift your mood, or situate it in the lobby or waiting room for a calming, natural presence for your clients, patients, or customers. The soothing green tones and vibrant hues of the blooms will delight and surprise everyone who visits your space, and you can be sure it will blend nicely with any decor.

Approximately 30″ W x 25 1/2″ H
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