Graceful Tribute™ Wreath - Rose, Carnation and Daisy Arrangement – Flower Co.
The FTD® Graceful Tribute™ Wreath creates a stunning presentation of love's serenity for their final farewell service. Red roses, carnations and gerbera daisies are accented with burgundy mini carnations and a variety of lush greens to create a sweeping arrangement that glides across the face of a snow-white wreath consisting of chrysanthemums making this a remembrance for one who has touched your life like none other. Displayed on a wire easel.  

Our artisanal professional floral designers have created The Graceful Tribute Wreath as a regal centrepiece for any memorial service. Resplendent red blooms adorn a wreath of pale white flowers, displayed on a wire stand, perfect for providing a fitting focal point and a classic choice to honour the memory of your loved one. These floral pieces of natural art have a meaning that goes deeper than just flowers – they provide a lovely tribute to celebrate and soothe. Mini carnations burgundy blend beautifully with red roses and carnations, as well as gerbera daisies, to create a stunning display of floral elegance. The Graceful Tribute Wreath is intended to bring peace, condolences and love to all those attending the memorial service. With elegance, beauty, and a gentle, regal presence, this memorial service floral arrangement is a classic and traditional choice.   

The mini carnations burgundy provide a striking contrast to the pale cream and white colours of the chrysanthemums, which are arranged artfully in a circular shape and provide a lovely backdrop to the brighter blooms. White blooms presented at a memorial service symbolize hope, purity, and the promise of heaven. They are a symbol of a new beginning, of appreciation and of condolences to the relatives and loved ones of the deceased. The Graceful Tribute Wreath includes both of these important and traditional flower styles.   

Knowing the meaning of flowers helps a lot when choosing blooms for each circumstance, and for a memorial service, the burgundy carnations are a perfect choice that complements the pale petals of the chrysanthemums in a stunning way. The white flowers represent calm, peace and tranquillity. The Graceful Tribute Wreath provides mini carnations burgundy in beautiful, intricate detail. These flowers also have a deep meaning. They symbolize the deep richness of life and help encourage us to remember the wonderful times we spent with the deceased in earlier days. This memorial service wreath invites the eye to notice the intricate detail of the flowers, woven together with great skill, blending the pale blooms with burgundy carnations and other bright flowers in vivid, beautiful contrast. A sweet, soothing aroma wafts through the room, soothing the senses and providing everyone gathered with a peaceful feeling of calm and serenity as they gather to pay respects to the person who has passed on.  

In these times of sorrow, flowers can help us express the emotions and feelings that are sometimes very difficult to speak through words. By presenting a gorgeous memorial service wreath as the focal point for mourners to gaze upon during the service, you can help provide comfort, calm, serenity, and peace to those who have gathered to celebrate the life of the deceased. Though this special person may no longer be with us earthside, their glorious memory will endure in the hearts and minds of the people who love and remember them. A classic tribute to this memory is a memorial service wreath, which represents the circle of life and the splendid memory of the departed.   

Approximately 58″H x 27″W.
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