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Monet Peonies


EXCLUSIVE Garden of Monet by Flower Co. is an assortment of stunning French peony ranunculus, fragrant deep purple sweet peas, tulips and lisianthus and commanding lime green and blue hydrangeas. This is a grandiose statement of spring and it will sweep them off their feet. This designer's arrangement is made with lush foliage and it comes displayed in a white ceramic pedestal container, creating a splendid piece that’s seasonal and oh so pretty!  

We created this bouquet from our wildest dreams. This floral mix gives off a natural vibe with the intense blue and green hydrangeas, combined with the luxuriant foliage sprouts a fresh air like sprint-time in an amazing forest far from the city. It is full of greens, flowers, and wood, which entangle your breathing with the purest of air as if you stepped into one of the famous Monet flowers painting.  

To start this one-of-a-kind wonder, we delicately choose stems of beautiful French peonies and ranunculus to give it a glamorous and contrasting touch. This is followed by some beautiful purple tulips that add a twist to this arrangement and take it to a spring-like point. We then add some deep purple sweat peas which add some fine detail to the blooms.  

Imagine this: you can get Monetesque flowers within your home, and is that not something magical? A stunning arrangement situated on the table of your living space, this bloom will provide so much decorative style not only to the table but to the entire room. With brightly-coloured flowers of different shapes and sizes, and situated in a way to make it most pleasing to the eye, this asymmetrical arrangement is visually striking and extraordinary.  

We wanted you to have the possibility of getting a unique arrangement with strong colours to bring life to your heart and home. This is an arrangement that will never go unnoticed, with its mix of colours and textures it brings a fresh garden air and represents wildness, nature, life, and art.  

This assorted floral bouquet represents even more than what was previously mentioned because you can expect multiple types of flowers in it! You will find hydrangeas that represent beauty, grace, and abundance; purple tulips, which apart from being one of the most stunning flowers signifies royalty, and finally the soft pink Monet peonies that represent happiness and gentleness.  

It is a perfect bouquet for someone who likes unique and authentic things for decoration, and for someone who will appreciate some floral art design in their home.
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