Garden Celebration™ - Peonies, Hydrangea and Cornflower Bouquet – Flower Co.
Garden Celebration is an arrangement that is sure to spoil her with a vibrant mix of fresh summer flowers. Peonies and hydrangeas are nicely accented with blue cornflowers, Queen Anne’s lace and lush greens to create an adorable bouquet that will warm her heart.  

All Flower Co. arrangements have a special and magical design, and each one is special in its own way. Each flower arrangement is unique, and our artisanal professional florist artists prepare, design and create bouquets that shine with their own individual deep and special meaning. This cornflower bouquet is no exception.   

This delicate and delightful flower arrangement, which features peonies and hydrangeas, is multilayered and includes beautiful textures and details. Stylish, simple and inspiring, it undoubtedly is a bouquet ready to give as a gift to just about any special person in your life. Anyone would be delighted to receive this cornflower bouquet as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, teacher gift, Mother’s Day, or just about any other special occasion that warrants a present of flowers. It also looks beautiful just sitting on your desk at work, sure to inspire conversations with coworkers and invite warm comments and compliments.  

The garden celebration bouquet is unique and authentic in its resplendence. It features a variety of beautiful and different flowers in an eye-pleasing arrangement, including exotic flowers such as peonies and hydrangeas, as well as cornflowers. This lovely arrangement is a work of floral art with a high level of design. It stands out with true beauty in all its simplicity and detail. This beautiful bouquet will be a delight for the recipient — it will truly make their day, warm their heart, and bring a big smile to their face! This garden celebration bouquet is a special piece of decor that will compliment anyone’s home or office. It could be perfectly situated in the living room, bedroom or any room of the house. The peonies and hydrangeas will brighten any place and definitely will catch any eyes and be the topic of conversation. This spectacular flower arrangement definitely won't go unnoticed.  

If you want to make someone’s day or cheer the heart of the birthday person with an amazing gift, let the flower do the job for you. Just sit back and wait for the smiles and thankful messages. It can be hard to express all of your feelings in words sometimes, and flowers are a spectacular way to demonstrate just exactly how you feel — sharing a sweet gift of fragrant, airy blooms is one way you can tell someone you are thinking about them without having to say a single word, and you’re sure to get a smile. 
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