Flirt and Fun™ Bouquet – Flower Co.
Comprised of red and pink roses, burgundy chrysanthemums, veronicas, hypericum and many other varieties, Flirt And Fun by Flower Co. is the ideal gift to celebrate romantic occasions. You will always be remembered!
Here is to a new crush or your best friend, a perfect gift to get a little flirty! This farm-fresh bouquet has had a lot of love put into it with stunning pink and red roses, pink veronica flowers, red and pink chrysanthemums, asters, limonium as well as Peruvian lilies and lush pennycress foliage.

Want to get a little flirty and fabulous? Crafted with a lot of love, the Flirt and Fun Bouquet is meant to add a little joy, a big smile, and a sweet feeling to your crush’s day. This fun and flirty bouquet is just that — a unique, unexpected combination of stunning, bright flowers. You’ll delight in the bright hues and striking combinations.   

The overall effect is sassy, fun and flirty — and a little unexpected! The bouquet’s warm, rich aroma will delight everyone from teachers to sweethearts to birthday girls! It’s a festive centrepiece for parties and get-togethers and makes a perfect congratulatory gift for graduates, new moms, or just about anyone celebrating something new. It makes a perfect addition to your home, as well — treat yourself to some bright blooms to sweeten your kitchen table — just because!   

This Flirt and Fun Bouquet is just a little outside the ordinary — ideal for your best friend, workout buddy, coworker, or your new special someone. The wide variety of stunning blooms in the bouquet leaves nothing to the imagination — no one flower takes center stage in the Flirt and Fun Bouquet, but each flower shines through in its own way, giving this bouquet arrangement an airy, playful look. The special combination of flowers gives the fun and flirty bouquet its own intriguing, layered scent. Deep reds and blushing pinks mix together in a colourful dance, giving the arrangement its signature “flirt and fun” feel.   

This cheerful bouquet is guaranteed to get a big smile from any mom, grandmother, teacher, or special person in your life. It’s a special way to tell someone you care, letting your feelings show through the fun and flirty flower bouquet. Feeling a little hesitant or shy? Let the flowers convey your emotions for you! The Flirt and Fun Bouquet say it all — without words. Don’t hesitate to tell your crush how you feel — say it with flowers, the classic, timeless way to express feelings of love and affection, in the language of love only red roses can express. Flirt and fun are two words that come to mind when you think about your crush — so why not show them just how you feel and surprise them with this luscious bouquet? It’ll brighten just about anyone’s day and put a little spring in the step of any recipient. Go for it!
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