Divine Garden™ Luxury Bouquet - Hydrangea and Rose Arrangement – Flower Co.
Give your loved ones a collection of blooms that will have a breathtaking effect in any room it is placed with its undeniable beauty. Our Divine Garden Luxury Bouquet is composed of purple hydrangea, fuchsia mokara orchids, green trick dianthus, lavender roses, and green hypericum berries and set in an elegant glass vase.   

Are you looking for a flower arrangement that is unmatched by any other? An arrangement that — aside from being an eye catcher — will also brighten the room with a beautiful garden vibe, full of lush, fresh flowers in the middle of summer? The Flower Co. has the perfect arrangement for you! The Divine Garden Luxury bouquet is an arrangement that just screams: garden! This beautiful, unique arrangement takes it to the next level when it comes to flower arrangements, and you can see why right away. You’ll see that these luxury flowers have an air of incredible freshness — the lush shades of green — luxurious dark and light tones — give this bouquet of blooms an air of vitality, freshness, and modernity. If you are a flower and plant lover, these luxury flowers are sure to make your heart melt.The Divine Garden Luxury bouquet is designed to bring style to any space.

If you like to keep your space hip with the current trends, you understand that plants and green colours are all the rage! You always see these hues in interior design and home decor magazines. Displaying an arrangement like this will make your home shine with trendy style.

If you are thinking of surprising that special person with flowers that are sure to bring out a huge smile, but will also add life and a stylish, striking atmosphere, you are in the right place! The contrast between the vibrant green and the rich, strong fuchsia and lavender tones adds a special touch to these luxury flowers. The high-level design in this arrangement can be seen just by looking at it —  you can see the quality and care in each carefully placed bloom. How can you tell? The greens are a mix between green trick dianthus and green hyperbucum berries, which gives it a unique touch — these varieties are beautiful and exotic.The floral design has a lot of variation among flowers and greens, creating the look of a tropical garden.

One of the special attributes of this luxury flowers arrangement is that its vase is carefully covered with green to enhance the natural, wild aspects that you want to highlight.

Surprise your special someone with luxury flowers and make their day a little bit brighter with this special and chic divine garden luxury bouquet.

Bouquet is approx. 19″H x 20″W.
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