Deepest Sympathy™ Arrangement - Pink Roses and Carnations – Flower Co.
The Deepest Sympathy Arrangement is a wondrous presentation of grace and elegance to honour the life of the deceased. Pale pink roses and pink carnations are offset by baby’s breath, variegated ivy, lush greens and a white sheer ribbon, gorgeously arranged in a designer white ceramic pedestal vase, to create a lovely way to express your warmest sentiments, offering comfort and peace with each blushing bloom.  

Flower Co. understands that this is a difficult time that requires energy and special care from us all — but above all from our hearts. We create and design flower arrangements for all of your floral needs, we make arrangements with love and effort. We want to be part of you and accompany you in your good and not so good moments.  

The Deepest Sympathy Arrangement, featuring beautiful pink and white flowers, is truly a floral piece sent down from heaven — gloriously made to enchant and convey feelings of serenity and hope.  

The delicate colours of the flowers have special meanings. The Flower Co.’s artisanal professional floral designers aim to highlight the soft pastel pink of the show-stopping pink roses. Pink roses are the perfect way to show tender love, great sympathy and empathy. Pink is a  colour that provides hope, and its tone leads to calm and relaxation. The pink roses and pink carnations in the Deepest Sympathy Arrangement symbolize gratitude and promote a sense of well-being in times of sadness.  
In addition to the luscious pink roses that shine brightly, the deepest sympathy flowers arrangement features exotic white gypso flowers, which, in combination with the elegant white vase, create a visual feast for the eyes. The contrasting pink and white colour combinations blend together perfectly to evoke feelings of soft relaxation. White is the colour of peace; it is a colour that evokes peaceful harmony, as well as spirituality and tranquillity. White is a traditional colour featured in memorial arrangements; the white tones of the flowers are associated with purity, innocence, peace, eternity and elegance.   

On the other hand, the vibrant white flowers in the deepest sympathy flowers arrangement also serve as a sweet tribute to those who have passed on to the next realm. They symbolize the desire for peace for the soul of the deceased person, and also the eternity of their life after death.  

If you want to send a lot of love but at the same time provide peace and a message of encouragement and hope, the Deepest Sympathy Arrangement is a lovely and fitting choice. The arrangement is thoughtfully created so that through stunning, lively, and sweet flowers, you and your loved ones can feel comforted and accompanied in these trying moments.   

Approximately 17″H x 17″W.
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