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Daffodil Flowers


Nothing says spring quite like daffodils! And there’s no better way to present them than in a simple, clear glass cube vase with minimal decoration. Send this seasonal spring flower at Easter, or anytime you want to brighten someone’s day. Fresh cut yellow daffodils and yellow bi-colour daffodils are mixed with a bit of green bupleurum in a clear cube vase.  

Introducing our amazing daffodil dreams bouquet; this piece of garden delight will distract any eye directed towards it! The intense yellow colour will catch the attention of any seer; that is what it is made for! Perfectly and selectively chosen by our farmers in Latin America, these stunning flowers will bring a shade of warmth within any space you will put it in.  

If you are thinking of bringing a little shine to your living space, or a little fun and diversity, this is the perfect flower arrangement for you! Allow the entrance of the spring within your home, as this mix between yellow daffodils and yellow bi-colour daffodils with green bupleurum signifies tranquillity and warmth. If you want to fully experience spring, do not hesitate and get an arrangement of these flowers and let the sweet spring air kiss not only you but your loved ones as well.  

As we said before, nothing says spring like a big splash of yellow colour. This flower arrangement will perfectly match any occasion you want to celebrate. You will definitely get five stars from your loved ones if you decide to send our daffodil dreams bouquet for Easter, as this can also be a perfect surprise for one of your friends. Who says flowers are only for romance? Let this archaic idea fade from your mind and let yourself be creative and innovative. Think with your heart, as this is an amazing and cool gift idea to send to someone who would not expect it. Take the plunge, as a bunch of flowers, will never disappoint someone and the daffodil dreams arrangement is made specifically for this.  

Beautifully unpredictable, this is your perfect chance to make a difference and to leave your mark. It is very rare sending these types of flowers to someone; take the hint and let your cheerful soul explode by sending this! This arrangement represents happiness, friendship, and good times; there is no need to continue to think about it, if you wish to send a distinct gift, go for it!  

Daffodils flowers are great to place inside a bouquet, as these flowers are not very common for arrangements: they are a super unique blossom that you will only found in springtime.  

Most of the daffodil flowers are grown in North America, and you can also find them by the names of narcissus and jonquil. As you can see they come in colours like yellow, but also you can find them in white, and some bicolour with orange and pink.  

Choose this gorgeous and fresh bouquet if you want to brighten someone's day; you will not go wrong by sending unique flowers to a unique person!  

Approximately 9 1/2″ W x 9 1/2″ H
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