Confetti Bouquet - Flower Co. - Tropical Flower Arrangement
Go all out with the blend of vivid colours in Confetti Bouquet by Flower Co. Exotic flowers like red ginger and musa coccinea are matched with bright greenery consisting of cordyline, croton, masajeana, palms, pandanusas well as sanderiana and curly willow will create a little piece of the rainforest you can set anywhere in your home!  

Looking for a bouquet that features the beauty and vivid colours of nature? The Flower Co.presents to you the confetti bouquet. This stunning and unique bouquet is quirky, flashy, and a little bit unexpected!  

The confetti bouquet is an arrangement that will catch all eyes. It features beautiful green leaves of different sizes and shapes, which project a wild vibe from the depths of the forest or the lush, verdant jungles where varieties exotic flowers and plants originate. Lush, striking, and angular, it’s the work of a confetti florist with an eye for design.   

Our professional floral designers strive to produce flower arrangements that evoke longings for travel, adventure, and the exotic locales we’ve only read about in books. Our florists used the wild nature of the jungle as their main reference to create this floral design, adapted to the styles you see nowadays in interior design and decor trends. Plants and a lot of green colours are all the rage now. The confetti bouquet is perfect for adding a little wild style to your home or office — or to give as a gift.  

The lush greens in this confetti florist design, contrasted with red ginger and musa coccinea, create a stunning mix of nature and style. Palm and cordyline make the blooms really pop with intense colour. These exotic flowers are quite uncommon — they are rare and very exotic. These blooms will make your home or office space look tropical and wild. Add a touch of worldly class to any decor.  

The florist confetti is the natural choice for the perfect gift for you to send to a person who loves trendy things, who likes interior design —  and if they are a lover of plants and greens, this arrangement is perfect to make them smile and make their day! On the other hand, this flower arrangement is suitable to send to a boss or a colleague as congratulations on a job well done, a promotion, or to celebrate someone’s professional achievements.   

The florist confetti is a unique piece that’s sure to spark some conversations. All lovers of flowers and plants will want to have this exclusive arrangement in their homes or workspace — because after all, nothing is better than receiving a gift that will cheer the heart but also aligns with the trends! Send this unique and trendy flower arrangement and make someone’s day.  
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