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Classic White Flowers for Holidays


Every family has its own holiday traditions. Let us help you add one with a Classic White by the Flower Co. that’s beautifully arranged using fresh cedar, crisp white roses and stocks and accented with magnolia leaves and branches. Our florist as a finishing touch has added a gray bow, as well as sparkles creating a piece that’s sure to glow this holiday season!  

If you are a lover of white flowers, you’re in the right place. The Classic White Arrangement is one of our most versatile pieces — suitable for holiday events, family get-togethers, gifts at the office, or just about any occasion you wish to be a touch more festive. It’s an arrangement that will fulfill and surpass all of your expectations: classic white flowers fit the bill every time. The colour white is a classic among flowers; it’s a strong neutral that doesn’t interfere with your home decor or interior design, and it’s suitable for pretty much every style, colour scheme, or season. Recipients of all ages delight in white flower arrangements because they bring a simple, festive mood to any space or any occasion.   

Classic white roses are the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion, including weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, or special holidays. They’re especially lovely if you are looking to surprise your special someone — that person who deserves everything! This sumptuous flower arrangement will leave them dazzled, and you will be forever imprinted on the heart of that person.  

The professional floral designers at The Flower Co. created the classic white arrangement with elegance, grace, and timelessness in mind. Simplicity and style are also big factors. Different varieties of classic white flowers, including a pair of white stock flowers and a pair of white roses, give it a soft and delicate touch and keep the floral design simple but classy. Luscious magnolias also contribute to the overall clean, simple design.   

With the colour white, you can add it to just about any room and not disturb the existing aesthetic. In fact, white flowers almost always enhance the feel of any room. White is a colour that brings tranquillity to any atmosphere, and classic white flowers represent a sincere love — not a passionate love like red roses; white flowers are tender and sensitive; they represent compassion, genuineness, and above all purity. The touches of green give the bouquet a fresh touch and bring the simple colours of nature to mind.  

The contrast between the bright white blooms and the verdant green leaves makes classic white roses a natural choice. Green adds freshness and is in keeping with current trends nowadays to keep plants and greens in our homes and offices.  

Classic white roses are an excellent decorative piece, and the white container gives it versatility — you could put the bouquet on a glass or wood table — any material will look great! It’s a welcome addition to any side table, entrance hall, dining room, or bathroom. The clean white shades blend seamlessly with the decor of any colour or style, and it’ll add a breath of fresh air to any room. This is an arrangement to surprise and cheer any heart, but also bring light and brighten the room. It accentuates and elevates any space with classic lines, contrasting hues, interesting textures, and an inviting aroma. 
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