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Rainbow Flowers

  Celebrate Rainbow Rose Bouquet is a unique gift they will always remember. Hand gathered in select floral farms, these kaleidoscope inspired roses have been dyed so that each petal displays a different vibrant hue of either yellow, blue, green, purple or pink to create a flower arrangement picked fresh for you to get the party started, making it the perfect gift to send in honour of the next birthday or congratulations celebration.  

So, let’s bring to the table the most colourful and brightest bouquet we have! We do not know if you have seen something like this before, but these kinds of flowers are not very common especially because they are treated differently than others (we will talk about this later). We want you to look at these beautiful roses with all of these bright colours in it; this amazing mix of flowers will catch any eye and it will awaken the desire to have them!  

The rainbow flower bouquet means happiness and joy; this arrangement is perfect if you want to brighten someone’s day! It works perfectly for any occasion; it will meet your expectation as a birthday gift. Or even if you need something decorative for your event. Imagine a bunch of these amazing roses located on your tables, in vases, or you can even hang them and make a beautiful and stunning piece of decor. It would be an amazing idea to then give each guest one rainbow rose to spread the joy and happiness these types of flowers bring.  

What a nice gift even for kids! Surprise them with some of these rainbow flowers; these flowers are quite rare, and although it is not that common to send flowers to children, we invite you to try it as we are sure it is something that they would love to receive!  

On the other hand, if you want to see a smile on your special someone's face, surprise them with one of these. These flowers come with fun inside and express only good times. What could be more spectacular than these astounding colours in contrast to each other in a bouquet of 12 rainbow and pink roses combined with leather leaves and ruscus to bring a fresh and natural vibe to the bouquet.  

These rainbow roses are specially chosen and processed by one of our farms in Ecuador. By treating them with care from the beginning as they pass through our tinting process one by one so that in the end result, we obtain this: a breathtaking and stunning flower.  

At this current time, these rainbow coloured flowers have become a super trendy item, so we invite you to become trendy with them!  

This bouquet includes multi-coloured & pink roses in a purple vase.    

Approx. 24″H x 21″W.
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