California Fruitful Greeting Gourmet Basket - Flower Company – Flower Co.
Enjoy your own impromptu California picnic with delicious gourmet goodies and fresh fruit. It includes juicy oranges and green and red apples for this handsome basket. Enjoy their fresh goodness along with creamy cheese, salami, crunchy crackers, Central Valley snack mix, roasted California almonds and locally baked tea cookies.  

The Flower Co. team is proud to present this delectable collection of scrumptious fruits and savoury snacks in this California Fruitful Greeting Gourmet Basket. There’s something to satisfy just about every craving in this collection — from salty snacks to creamy cheese to fresh fruits. Sure to exceed all expectations and satisfy the most discerning snacker, this array of tempting treats is the perfect present to send to your favourite teacher, neighbour, postal carrier, or just about anyone to whom you’d like to send your warmest greetings and special affection.  

If you are one of those people who likes surprises and new, unique tastes, keep reading! The California Fruitful Greeting Gourmet Basket is a collection of some of the freshest tastes this side of the Rockies. Evoking the sunny skies and delicious tastes of The Golden State, you’ll discover new flavours and revisit old favourites in this gift basket.   

If you’d like to send a gift that contains a large number of surprises and little treats inside, this is a perfect choice. This California oranges gift box is a beautiful basket full of delicious fruits, gourmet goodies, and delicacies just waiting for you to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Gift baskets are one of the best options you have when you want to send an interesting, unique gift to someone. This one is great to share, making it ideal for sending to a schoolteacher or maybe an officemate or coworker — there’s plenty of different snacks to go around.   

It’s also a perfect gift to send to your family and friends, or maybe someone who is in need of cheering up. Bring a smile to their face with a couple of oranges gift baskets. You can turn an ordinary workday into a beautiful time to share with a California oranges gift box 

— the perfect gift to give to just say hello or thank you. If you send this basket to a group, many people will be able to enjoy the love, care, and attention that went into selecting such a thoughtful gift basket. Bring a little bit of the sun to anywhere in the country, even on a dark winter’s day, and brighten up someone’s mood. Also ideal for gatherings and get-togethers of all different types, you can send this gift basket for friends and family to enjoy together at school events, picnics, parties, and more.
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