Cafe Latte™ Scented Garden Rose Bouquet – Flower Co.
Cafe Latte Garden Roses
Brought to you exclusively by Flower Co., meet Cafe Latte, the garden roses that have stolen the hearts of flower lovers around the world. They only grow in 5 crops in the world, including one of our partner farms in South America.

Their petals have a unique antique colour that gives an exceptionally attractive effect and makes them different from any rose you will find. These Cafe Latte™ Scented Bouquet roses have a full opening and a natural sweet vanilla scent that will get you addicted. A sublime bouquet and a real treat for someone special (it can be you!) on any occasion.

Standard Bouquet – Includes 8 rose stems
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 9 rose stems
Premium Bouquet – Includes 10 rose stems
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