Bubblegum Hues™ Bouquet - Colourful Ranunculus Arrangement – Flower Co.
Bubblegum Hues™ Bouquet - Bright Ranunculus becomes even more vibrant with green dianthus and dusty miller
Bubblegum Hues Bouquet by Flower Co. is a colourful bouquet designed in-house to create an irresistible, trendsetting bubblegum like look. Bright Ranunculus becomes even more vibrant with green dianthus and dusty miller setting a background for it. The final arrangement comes presented in pink and craft paper. Arranged in Ecuador and shipped farm fresh to your door.  

If you like admiring strong and vivid colours and their different combinations, you’ll adore the bubblegum bouquet. These luminous, striking blossoms are specially designed to bring a smile to anyone’s face and light up every room in which they are presented. The flower combinations in the bubblegum hues bouquet are exquisite and unique — featuring the namesake pink in many different shades as well as a complementary lush green colour. The inspired arrangement is a show-stopping example of the professionally designed arrangements produced by our artisanal florists.  

Ranunculus are the flowers that announce the arrival of the spring season — they are bursting with freshness and lively colours. Ranunculus have become increasingly popular as of late, and have positioned themselves very well in today's trends. Interior designers often use  Ranunculus blooms in their creations, and you can find them in top decor magazines where they are used as the centrepiece for beautiful spaces. They are trendy, of-the-moment blooms that will transform any space into a lively and welcoming one. In high demand by flower connoisseurs and flower lovers alike,  Ranunculus flowers are a rare and dazzling gem.  

The striking, unique-looking  Ranunculus is not usually very tall —  its measurement is between 35-50 cm. It has a flexible and herbaceous stem. Its petals are numerous and delicate; they gradually open over time into a bloom bursting with colour and grandeur. 

Because of their fragile and wild appearance,  Ranunculus flowers are ideal for arrangements where a natural touch is required and you’re looking to add a lot of styles. This flower arrangement of bubblegum flowers will certainly take any room from squalor to grandeur in a flash!   

One important piece of information about the Ranunculus bloom is that it can't stand intense heat, so the bubblegum hues bouquet should be placed in a place that is shady rather than in direct sunlight if at all possible to preserve its glorious glamour.   

This is truly an arrangement of bubblegum flowers that is magnificent in all its beauty and should be located in a part of your home where it can be visible to all. You don't want to hide this work of beauty! The glorious flowers in the bubblegum bouquet are a perfect addition to any home’s decor and would be a welcome gift at a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation celebration, or any occasion that warrants the giving of flowers. The combination of Ranunculus, dusty miller and green dianthus is not only stunning, but it creates a vision of multilayered depth and delicacy that can’t be matched.   

Soft and sublime, the pink and other candy-coloured hues of this bubblegum bouquet are sure to spark the imagination of anyone who receives it. Any lucky person would be happy to open their door to such a surprise, sure to brighten their day and lift their spirits with the sumptuous, airy colours of pink, yellow, and magenta nestled in a soft, pillowy bed of verdant, lush greenery.  

Arranged in Ecuador and shipped farm fresh to your door.
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