Bountiful Garden™ Bouquet - Flower Company – Flower Co.
Inspired by French country gardens, this captivating flower bouquet has a Victorian styling your recipient will adore. White and salmon roses make the eyes dance while surrounded by pink larkspur, cream gillyflower, peach spray roses, clouds of white hydrangea, dusty miller stems, and lush greens, arranged to perfection in an oval stained woodchip basket that helps to blend soft sophistication with raw, rustic appeal. That perfect happy birthday, thinking of you, or thank you gift!  

This resplendent mix of divine blooms, artfully arranged and skillfully prepared, brings to mind the fresh, fragrant air of a traditional French country garden. Lovingly chosen blossoms with spring scents allude to the freshness and warmth of a lush garden full of wild and unique flowers, all combined in a rustic wooden crate. The Bountiful Garden Bouquet is a definite winner when it comes to natural, exquisite arrangements, and is sure to bring a smile to the face of each recipient.  

This beautiful, eye-popping bountiful garden bouquet will fill your home or office with soothing floral harmony and transport you to the fields of France, where flowers dance under a clear blue sky, bees buzz lazily in the sun, and fresh scents wafting on the summer breeze. The bouquet brings with it a vibe of freshness and rustic charm. Nothing says “French garden” more than this stunning combination of fragrant blooms.  

The Flower Co.’s bountiful garden bouquet has been carefully crafted to represent the freshness of spring in any season. You can take a mini-vacation to the fields of France just by looking at it: soft roses accentuated by hydrangea and lush greens, all blending together in a symphony of colours and textures. If you close your eyes and breathe in, you just might think you’ve been transported to another place! The rustic basket is perfect for accentuating a “shabby chic” decor style, as well as just about any home or office. A springtime brunch table would shine with this arrangement, as would the living room table or bedroom table of a friend or relative to whom you’d like to express your love and care.   

The colours of the various blooms — a glorious mix of white and off-white, cream, pale oranges, and vibrant greens show the versatility and delicacy of the bountiful garden bouquet. The variety of flowers, shapes, colours and textures gives us the impression of a verdant, open field in springtime, with flowers of all shapes and sizes growing wild for all to enjoy. The soft pastel palette of the roses and hydrangeas complements just about any room, and its fragrant blossoms are sure to elicit many compliments from admiring guests. No Sunday brunch would be complete without an arrangement of fresh flowers adorning the table! This bountiful garden bouquet is perfect for any holiday, celebration, or just because you’d like to say “I love you.”  

Approx. 15″H x 18″W.  
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