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Beautiful Spirit™ Arrangement is a light and lovely way to honour the life of the deceased. A blushing display of pink roses, Asiatic lilies and Peruvian lilies are highlighted by stems of pink carnations, roses, stock flowers as well as pink lilies combined with shamrock green mums flowers and assorted lush greens. Seated in a white woodchip basket, this graceful arrangement creates an exceptional way to offer peace and sympathy.  

This beautiful spirit bouquet is designed solely to create and send out a warm and thoughtful atmosphere. The gorgeous quality of the beautiful spirit arrangement cannot go unnoticed, as it is an arrangement that is sure to capture all the attention. For us, the most important thing is to be able to accompany you and yours during this difficult time. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, which is why we want you to allow us to design the best flower arrangement for this time.  

When thinking of the Beautiful Spirit Arrangement, we want it to be a very special arrangement that invites 
all funeral participants to remember this special person and all of their joyous moments and happiness. This striking and spectacular flower arrangement brings with it a vibe that invites you to elevate those feelings of joy and gratitude for the deceased, remembering that important person in the way they would have wanted you to.  

We also want to remind you that pink flowers possess a powerful symbolism as they mean empathy and nobility, which is perfectly suited to the mood of this moment. Sending pink flowers are known to have a deep gesture of affection, tenderness, and compassion. These graceful flowers are everything you could want at this time and this arrangement is made to honour a life and bring to mind peace, love and memories of all the good times.  

The beautiful spirit bouquet is created to bring hope and peace in a time of pain, so if you wish to send someone a token of your condolence, we recommend you please choose this floral arrangement. With its delicate Lily's, beautiful roses, stylish spray roses, and carnations to give it some contrast, the result of this impressive arrangement will be something that will be highly thought of during the proceedings. This arrangement is sure to impart thewarmth and accompaniment that is very much needed in situations like these.  

e are here for you at this time, so let us provide you with a floral piece that conveys all of the feelings you are experiencing in this difficult time; here at Flower Co., we create flower arrangements to help reach hearts.
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