Array of Blooms - Stargazer Lilies, Carnation and Lisiantus Bouquet – Flower Co.
Array of Blooms Top -red roses , lavender carnations , red lilies , purple lisianthus , purple matsumoto asters , greens , vase arrangement
Our floral designers have excelled in creating this work of art turned into a floral arrangement! But this is not just any arrangement, this array of flowers brings with it a select mix of stems and blooms that expresses more than life!  

Fragrant Stargazer lilies stretch their petals across rich red roses, lavender carnations, red Peruvian lilies, purple double lisianthus, purple matsumoto asters and lush greens. Presented in a classic clear glass vase, this elegant bouquet is an incredible way to express your dearest sentiments. The array of flowers found here is an arrangement that is inspired by happiness, love, and freedom. It is an arrangement that is designed to renew love and remind that special person that you possess unconditional love for them and that you can love them without fear or apprehension and the array of flowers signifies a clear message of affection.  

The textures, shapes, and colours of this array of flowers create a perfect and unique combination. You can tell if you look closely, that these Stargazer lilies express a fine touch of creativity and uniqueness. You will not find such a bouquet anywhere else as it portrays subtlety, delicacy and love for flowers and that is why our arrangements come full of harmony and sensitivity.   

If that special person to whom you are going to send these Stargazer lilies has a fresh and charming personality, this arrangement will work best. If they are a lover of colours and contrasts and they love the smell of flowers, these blooms come with a distinct aroma. Do not hesitate, as this gorgeous arrangement is perfect for any person!    

We would also like to mention that this gorgeousness is sure to brighten any environment it's placed in. It includes a beautiful clear glass vase that gives the bouquet an elegant touch so that you may place it on any piece of furniture! This array of flowers is so beautiful that they are sure to look amazing anywhere and since they are so lovely, we advise you to put them close to some natural light so that they shine a little more!  

If you are looking to conquer someone's heart, these blooms are perfect as the touches of red speak to romance and carry a clear message of love and passion. While the different shades of lavender represent style, refinement, and elegance. Nothing speaks more about love and happiness than these beautiful flowers. In addition to everything else, it is sure to add a touch of a spring-like atmosphere to your home. It can also signify new beginnings, new paths, and love-in-the-air types of relationships.  

Make your loved one's day by sending one of these stunning and unique blooms! You are sure to impress with one of these, and it brings out many smiles and joy from their heart!
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